Cuztomise It The RHA T10i Way : Your Earphones, Your Rules

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First Impression :

Premium quality earphones are slowly trickling in to India and now RHA is also plying its trade, with the release of the T10i. The metal body and really thick wiring makes for an impressive look and feel. What\’s more, the attention to the littlest thing has really accentuated the overall personality of these earphones. But, is it all show and no real performance? We tested.

-Design & Build :

The ear-canals that go inside your ear are made of stainless steel and boy, are they chunky! In fact, the entire pair feels quite hefty and you are always conscious of carrying them on your person. Since the design is over-ear and then in-ear, the weight of the cable is nicely distributed and it feels good when plugged in. Before we get to that, let
me also inform you that the box contains three types of filters bass, treble and reference. And a host of earbuds for various ear-sizes and types of comfort. You can pick the one that fits you best, but also choose the filter carefully they really do have a big difference in your listening experience, especially when listening to very well mixed tracks. Some might still struggle to find a perfect match just because the design is rather different. Little details like the writing on the Y-split and 3.5mm jack are reminders of the attention the detail RHA put into the design and it ensures exceptional quality. The long, springy strain relief on the jack feels solid and bendable if a little long. The cable itself is very soft, never retains kinks and is just as well built as the earphones themselves.

Once you get the perfect earbuds picked out, you simply need to plug it in your iPhone/iPod or other high quality device and enjoy the details. Every note is detailed and there is plenty of treble. Bass is a bit muffled, but for most people that will be a good thing. Switch over to the bass filter and then there is more of a punch in the lower notes, but you\’ll also need to be careful of what kind of earbuds you want to pair with them. Finding a snug fit with so much variety might still elude some. In any case, the earphones perform marvelously bringing out the vocals to the front and creating a good sound stage for the instruments. Cymbal, drums and guitar tones are easily distinguishable, but more trebles still are clearer than mids and lows. Don\’t get us wrong, though, these are a killer pair of earphones in every way, just the comfort is not ideal. The chunky weight and stainless steel body is great for
durability and there is is little variation in sound quality between sources as well, which demonstrates their usability and general user friendliness.

Verdict :

There are few earphones built so beautifully and easily available in the Indian market, but there are fewer still which will deliver where it matters. We only wished that the comfort could be enhanced more, by reducing the weight of those stainless steel cans. The T10i is a very appealing earphone with beautiful housings, custom tuning filters, and good sound quality but isn\’t without it faults. The ear hooks can become frustrating at times and its bass tilted signature will limit its audience. However, the beautiful package makes the RHA T10i\’s a great competitor in today\’s rough market and for that they get my recommendation.

Specifications : 

¢ Dynamic Driver (model 770.1)
¢ Frequency range: 16-22000Hz
¢ Impedance: 16 ohm
¢ Sensitivity: 100db
¢ Rated/ Max power: 1/5mW
¢ Weight: 41g
¢ Cable: Multicore OFC, iOS compatible remote, 1.35 meters/4.4 ft

Price 14,999/-

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