Cotodama Transparent Wireless Lyric Speaker

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Looking at a screen and reading the lyrics of a song is not a new concept. There are innumerous options available at a single click, all you need is a screen of a laptop, mobile or computer. So, what’s new?

Imagine you are listening to your favourite songs out loud on a speaker and forget the lyrics, it kind of kills the mood right? Who would go pick up a phone and check the lyrics to sing along? Well, if that happens to you often, you might just have got a solution for this. The all-new Cotodama Wireless Lyric Speaker, made by a Japanese company, with dual high-res driver which has a great sound quality and an inbuilt wi-fi system that is used to get your lyrics, detect the mood of the song and display the lyrics on a translucent LCD screen with motion graphics, sounds cool and unrealistic, right? As the song plays, you get to see the lyrics and all you do is sing along and groove! The new age device will certainly change the way you have been experiencing your favourite music. As per Cotodama, “it is the first ever Lyrical listening speaker that is accessible to the public.


The Specs:

The Cotodama lyric speaker is perfectly handcrafted by Japanese artisans and is proficiently assembled in Japan. That is the reason why the company can only produce 15 units each month. It has a sleek design with a display which is a 22-inch translucent LCD screen with acrylic plates on both in its front and back. The speaker has two 20-watt loudspeakers that are connected to the in-built wifi which has an access to an online database of over 2 million songs. This mains powered speaker has services like Spotify Connect, AirPlay, on both Android and iOS or even computers. All you have to do is to select the song you want to play. The areas where it lets you down a bit are: first, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth connectivity so you can only connect it through wi-fi and second, it weighs around 24 pounds so you cannot carry it along with you, it is more useful if you want to sit in one place look at the screen and enjoy the music.

The Cost:

The Lyric Speaker was first rolled out in 2016, but it has been recently made available to European and American buyers and is priced at US$4,500. When you are shelling out that amount on a speaker, you would obviously expect the speaker to sound good. It does sound good. It has a case that is wide enough to get a little more depth in the output than most wireless speakers can muster. But the key feature remains the lyrical visuals that are undeniably very cool and if at all you like something that is unique, the cost would justify itself.

How it works:

When the device is turned on, it becomes see-through where the panel at the back turns into a milky white colour and the panel in front displays the lyrics of the song being played. Talking about the selected songs that are already in the database, the speakers automatically downloads the lyrics and display them as synced motion graphics when the song gets played. Furthermore, the algorithms analyse the mood and structure of each song for knowing the pattern in which the graphics move across the screen. However, if you are playing songs that are not in the PetitLyrics database it will still have graphics on its screen which would be played as per the beats of the songs.

Though it is way expensive than the other speakers in the market which are a bit better in their specifications but to be clear it is not only a glorified karaoke machine. It is a work of art and technology that will certainly blow your mind!


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