Bright and Light – SADES SA 907 KNIGHT

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Rating : 90/100Price : ₹ 6,500/-


If you have been following e-sports for a while, there is a strong possibility you know about gaming peripherals from Sades. The Chinese brand is quite popular in the world of e-sports and is the game peripherals partner of WCG, ESWC, ONG and other international e-sports competition. The SA 907 Knight comes in great packaging. The first thing you realise when you get them out of the box is that the headset are quite big.However, that does not make the headset heavy. You will also notice the cushioned padding on the headband and ear cups. The wire is made of coloured woven fabric. In the middle of the cord, you will find the control panel and a USB jack at the end of it. Although Sades has used a lot of plastic, the headset still look classy. All in all, the headset give you a feeling that your money is well spent.


The Sades SA 907 boast of Advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound and the quality was evident from the first game we played on the PlayStation 4. To gauge the quality, we played The Division, Pro Evolution 2017and Doom. The sound output was excellent in each game. Fact of the matter, the sound of every kick could be heard clearly in PES 2017. Even in a fast paced game like Doom, the audio was easy to identity with good clarity. The details were not drowned out. The mic was put to test during The Division online play and it passed the test with flying colours. Sound reproduction was loud and without distortion. Even after the volume was lowered, this headset showcased excellent balance. Noise cancellation is another standout feature. We switched on a Bluetooth speaker in the background, but that did not affect the in-game sound.>> WHAT IS SO SPECIAL?Controlling volume, mic and light effects is easy with the well-placed Unique Shield shape in-line remote control. The glittering blue light looks cool when you have connected the headset. One can change from the light from steady to flashing and that is useful if you want a change while watching movie or listening to music. We also tried the Sades Skynet which gave you the option of changing colours. Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green and Cyan are the options. We were disappointed the Knight did not offer that and the vibration function found in cheaper products.


SA 907 Knight 7.1 combines a good design with excellent audio output. Add to it, well cushioned headband and ear cups which maintains your comfort level during long gaming hours. This lightweight headset is perfect for gamers who play video games for long hours. Priced at Rs. 7500, the headset offers value for money with style and comfort paired with good performance. If you feel the Sades SA 907 are too costly for your pocket, the Sades 906 and Sades 708 are cheaper alternatives.

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