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Bose is not an unknown name among audio enthusiasts, especially known for its unexceptional audio technology and devices which give the best output. The wireless speaker bandwagon is surprisingly filled with options and manufacturers who take the pains to design all types of speakers to suit different budgets for audio enthusiasts. However, good quality audio also commands a higher price tag. Bose has introduced its Home Speaker 500, a wireless Bluetooth enabled speaker which also has Amazon Alexa built in. With this, the Bose Home Speaker 500 becomes a smart speaker for your home. While you can still get an Amazon Echo Show or the Google Home Hub, but you would miss on some amazing audio quality.

Design and Build:


The first look at the speaker and you see an elliptically designed anodised aluminium shell which is exactly 20.3 cm high and 17 cm wide. The unit we reviewed was a silver one while you can also get the speaker in a glossy black finish. The construction is aluminium for the elliptical shell which carries a matte aluminium finish. Extending towards the bottom half of the speaker are the grilles for the speaker. The front of the Home Speaker 500 gets a small colour screen which displays the related information like connection mode, songs, artists and the album art and time. However, the display feels a bit too old and the amount of information that can be displayed is limited, although we would have liked a bit more of information on display like as it is with home assistant speakers.

You can notice a small light strip on top of the display which glows when voice commands and functions are carried out. The light strip also changes its colour according to the type of input being made; like Blue colour for the Bluetooth mode. The top of the speaker is fitted with a smooth finish panel which gets a number of touch sensitive buttons built in. These are the volume control buttons, AUX and Bluetooth, play/pause, action and a microphone off button. Bose has also included six numerical buttons which can be programmed according to your choice of music or radio station using the Bose mobile application. The back of the speaker houses a 3.5 mm audio input jack. The overall package looks very neat and does not cause any severe visual distractions and rather sits flush with its overall seamless body design.

Features and Performance:

Bose 500

The Bose Home Speaker 500 utilizes the manufacturer’s microphone technology. The speaker uses an array of 8 microphones which seem to respond even when you are at the other corner of the room. The sensitivity of the microphones is also higher, which allows the speaker to be able to hear you even with loud music playing. Coming to the main topic which is the audio. How does the Bose Home Speaker 500 sound? Well, in terms of sound, it delivers quite an impressive performance. It’s two custom drivers which are placed right and left allowing stereo sound separation.

Bose claims that this setup provides true stereo separation without having the need to buy an additional speaker. However, true audiophiles might not be convinced with this type of stereo separation as the sound does not really match up to a true 2-speaker arrangement. Our speaker test was carried out playing different songs ranging from AC DC, Def Leppard and some Mozart to test the speaker to its limits. The midrange, especially, vocals, and instruments were very clear while the lower frequency and bass is The songs from AC DC comprised of drums, guitars and high pitched vocals, all of which was delivered neatly with the package.

You can use the Bose application to connect the speaker to your home WiFi or Bluetooth. However, at times the application takes a lot of time and does not connect at one go. With the help of the app, you can connect the speaker to a number of streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify to name a few. Verdict: Well, there are a lot of good things to say about the Bose Home Speaker 500. It sounds great and fills a wide room full of sound. Bose claims a true stereo separation which would not disappoint the strictest of audiophiles or the casual listeners alike. Saying that it only gets support for Amazon Alexa and misses out on the Google Assistant support for now.

If you are interested in a smart speaker which also delivers true sound quality, the Bose Home Speaker 500 can be a good choice. However, you still have to convince yourself for the certain drawbacks like a snatchy mobile application or that Rs. 39,000 high price tag. Overall, the Bose Home Speaker 500 is better sounding than the vast majority of products in the market.


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