Battle Of Flagship – Samsung Note9 vs iPhone Xs Max

samsung vs iphone
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Samsung Galaxy Note9

8GBRAM/512GB storage

iPhone Xs Max

4GB RAM/512GB storage

Samsung Galaxy Note9


The new iPhone Xs Max is a bigger version of the iPhone Xs. Compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the iPhone is still broader but less tall. This is due to the bezel on top and bottom of the Note9. The iPhone Xs is a complete bezelless with a notch on the top of the display panel. These decrease in bezel result Note9 to pushes it’s fingerprint sensor to the back, while the iPhone Xs completely eliminate touch ID and instead opted for Face ID.

samsung vs iphone




The iPhone Xs Max sports a slightly bigger display at 6.5-inches, compared to Galaxy Note9 with 6.4-inches. But the Note9 does offer 516 dpi, compared to 458 dpi on iPhone Xs Max. Apple started using an OLED panel for their high-end iPhone’s, but the Super AMOLED panel on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is of no match. Super AMOLED is one of the best display panel available in the market. Talking about the resolution, Samsung’s phone has a higher resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, compared to 2688 x 1242 pixels for the iPhone XS Max.

samsung vs iphone


As far as front cameras go, the Note9 beats the iPhone X with its 8MP front camera. Things get identical when we talk about the rear cameras. Both the iPhone Xs Max and the Note9 feature dual camera systems with 12MP telephoto and 12MP wide-angle lenses. Each phone can claim better images under various conditions due to their camera systems and software optimization. The Note9  primary camera does have a variable aperture, which can switch from f2.4 to f1.5 making it suitable to capture lowlight photo.

samsung vs iphone


Practically both the phones are fast enough to handle all the task you throw at it. Both devices are packed with a powerful processor. While iPhone X’s is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, Note9 uses Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 processor. Comparing the AnTuTu benchmark for both the processor, Apple definitely wins the benchmark test. Thanks to the Apple iOS 12 which is one of the best optimised mobile operating system available in the market. Note9 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with Samsung UI on top. iPhone Xs Max comes with 4GB of RAM, which might sound low compared to the 8GB found in the Note9, but iOS has always had very good memory management capabilities. Though iOS is optimized and performs better, it does lack customization compared to Android and the Samsung custom UI. There are a lot of features available on Android, but iOS lacks including split window, theme customization, etc. Playing game son both the phones is smooth and there are no visible lags on any graphics intensive games. If you are playing games and trying to achieve higher frame rates, then perhaps the differences are important.

samsung vs iphone


Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max provide good battery life. Both devices can do an intensive task and still last for a day without getting back to charging. But because of a massive 4000 mAh battery on the Note9, the device can run far longer than the iPhone Xs Max which has only 3174 mAh battery. iOS does have better battery management compared to Note9, but Note9 does better because of its larger battery capacity. Talking about the charging, both the iPhone Xs Max and Note9 charge wirelessly, and each phone supports fast charging as well. However, fast wired charging with the iPhone X requires purchasing a separate adapter, while the Note9 does come with a package.

samsung vs iphone


One of exclusive feature the Note 9 has one while the iPhone Xs Max does not is the S-Pen, the so call stylus. The killer feature of the Note series has always been the S Pen. With the Note9, Samsung has also added the ability for the S Pen to act as a remote for various functions. This is an area where Apple doesn’t really have an answer to Samsung. Apple has Pencil for selected iPad’s, but it currently doesn’t work on any iPhone’s. Another most exclusive feature which Apple has removed was the Headphone jack. Note9 still have a headphone jack, giving more flexibility and choice. The feature that I miss on a Note9 is the little switch on the iPhone Xs Max that turns off audio. On Samsung, muting an audio requires you to turn on the phone, swipe down from the top and press the software mute switch. Not a big deal, but the iPhone does nail it on this feature.



Security is one of the important aspects while considering buying premium smartphones. Both phones are secure, but Samsung multiple biometric security does add an advantage over Face ID on the iPhone Xs Max. To access Note9, there are multiple ways to unlock, either use fingerprint, iris or the face unlock. The iPhone Xs Max uses its front-facing camera to recognize your face; Apple calls this Face ID. Face ID has been around for a year starting from iPhone X. FaceID detect on iPhone Xs Max is accurate compared to the fingerprint sensor. But, comparing multiple security options on Note9 does give an edge over iPhone Xs Max.


Choosing the Apple or Android (Google) ecosystems is a core decision when selecting a smartphone. Both Android and iOS are one of the most mature operating systems. All apps and games are easily available both the platforms. But, iOS does offer smooth experience through its product lifecycle, while Android slowly becomes laggy and its need factory reset to get back its performance. Talking about software updates, Apple is miles ahead of Samsung’s Android updates. While the iPhone Xs Max running the latest version of iOS 12, the Note9 still waiting for the Android Pie 9.0.



The iPhone Xs Max and Note9 are too close to each other in every aspect. The Note9 gets my approval for super AMOLED display, battery life and special features like the S Pen. The iPhone does better in design, performance and camera. Ultimately, both has its own slightly more advantage over each other. Samsung offers better specs for your buck, but when it comes to optimization between hardware and software the actual experience probably degrades over time. We did find iOS far more user-friendly and the optimization between hardware and software was the perfection.

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