Batman Arkham Knight Review : Next gen gaming at its best

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First impression The ingredients for a successful video game were already in place. Popular game developers, Rocksteady Studios and The Dark Knight come together for the last time, thus making it a delicious offering for all Batman and gaming fans. The franchise creators wanted to leave their series on a high note, and we take a look if they managed to do that.

Review Arkham Knight begins a year after the events of Batman: Arkham City.The end of that game saw the death of Batman\’s longtime nemesis, The Joker. The introductory scene is just brilliant in which The Joker is cremated, thus, putting an end to speculation that he might somehow come back. While Gotham City is experiencing a period of peace, Scarecrow has threatened to inflict Gotham with a new toxin. A plan to release it across the United States is hatched. Enter Batman and his super heroic abilities.

To make matters worse, Scarecrow isn\’t working alone. He\’s enlisted the help of the Arkham Knight, a masked mercenary who is not only a brilliant military tactician with nearly unlimited financial resources, but seems to know Batman almost as well as the Dark Knight knows himself. Wearing high-tech armor that\’s sort of a hybrid between Batman\’s costume and Iron Man\’s suit (different comic book universe, I know), the Arkham Knight is leading an army of soldiers, tanks, drones and more, all in the name of hunting the Batman. For the first time in this series, we have a drivable Batmobile, and it is undoubtedly Batman Arkham Knight\’s strongest feature. Able to switch between a sleek speedster and a nimble tank with the press of a button, Batman\’s ride is used for wild high-speed pursuits, shootouts with the Arkham Knight\’s armored drones and even some brain-bending puzzles. It\’s an integral part of his arsenal. Batman: Arkham Knight does a fantastic job of slowly drip-feeding new abilities, gadgets, upgrades and major villains into the mix, and even with the vast number of things to do, it never feels like too much.


Batman Arkham Knight has a stunning ecosphere, and it is one of the best looking console games out there. We reviewed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the previous issue, and while that is a fabulous game visually, BAK has taken visuals on a new gen console to another level. Combat in the game is as fluid as it\’s ever been in the Batman: Arkham series, with a host of new moves and new enemy types for Batman to tackle. Trying to absorb the dizzying array of combat mechanics can be a bit challenging, but with time and practice you feel an intoxicating sense of mobility and empowerment, whether you\’re diving headlong into a crowd of 20 street thugs or stealthily eliminating a squad of soldiers one at a time, driving their cohorts mad with fear.

Verdict This is the last game in the series, and it is simply the best one. The game has a jaw dropping storyline, and even better graphics. Rocksteady has managed to portray a fictional niverse with very impressive detailing. After all, that has made them so popular. This is definitely a must buy for all Batman fans and players with a next-gen console.

Reviewed on PlayStation 4

Rating 5/5

Publishers Warner Bros

Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Price Rs 3,499 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One




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