Audio Technica ATH -M50X : Crystal clarity for your ears

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First Impression /Design : 

When you are an artist at heart and need the best of technology to take your creativity up one notch you must resort to brands that are known for their precision in styling and quality. Audio Technica is the messiah when it comes to the studio monitor headphone section and their M50X provides the most realistic sounds, as it was meant to be heard. The ˜M\’ in M50X stands for ˜Monitor\’ because these are built for smart people who like their music to be as authentic as possible. The M50Xs are what the professionals in the industry prefer for longer durations of audio mixing and monitoring. The headphones are bulky but yet portable with the detachable cable and a sturdy body which collapses to be tucked in your back pack smoothly. The headband has a soft cushion which provides
great amount of comfort when on a music making marathon. The earpiece can be swiftly rotated whenever you need to monitor using a single ear and the cushion on each ear piece is designed to not leak any noise. I found the headphones to be a strong composition of quality and style, they sport the Audio Technica Logo on both the
ear-pieces and the company name atop the cushioned headband.

Sounds Quality :

When musician are producing songs or music they require neat and sophisticated ears for all the instruments so the music maintains its tonality. And with Studio Headphones like the M50X their job has been simplified as it makes every note, every ring and every noise audible even to the deaf ears. With a fabulous frequency response of 15-28,000Hz sound from every spectrum sounds clear and unique. Although, the bass is a little less punchy the clarity of acoustics and rhythms makes you forget all your complaints. The headphone has the Signature Audio Technica sound quality which is unbeatable with its sharpness and the ambient effect it provides the listener with. The sound is completely immersive and will make you lose yourself completely in between the tunes. The huge 45mm dynamic drivers are what keep the headphone powered up.

Verdict :
Truly speaking the headphones are great, but most of us are well acquainted with the feel good headphones out there that make every song sound the same with their rigid tones. The M50X is built to maintain the original flavor of music and hence a lot among the masses might not find it appealing. I personally loved the ambience it creates, kind of brings out an audio story behind every song. The M50X comes in Black, White and Blue colors so it is equally stylish and for easy carry it has an available protective pouch.

Specifications :

¢Driver Diameter 45mm
¢Magnet Neodymium
¢Frequency Response 15-28,000Hz
¢Sensitivity 99dB
¢Impedance 38 ohms
¢Gold plated 3.5mm connector
¢Tags along three detachable cables to connect to various instruments and devices

Price 12,400

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1 Comment

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