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It was never fun playing FPS games on a laptop, its ergonomics were poor, the feedback from the keypad touches couldn’t match up with a USB keyboard and the weird positioning of the buttons, also the touchpad being a major obstacle for my hand’s range of movement. This was back in 2012, but times have changed now and so have the laptops. Let’s find out what the Strix Scar II in 2019 has to offer?


Everything that I hated on the old gaming laptops in 2012 was missing in the Strix SCAR II. The positioning of the keys is just about apt. It has dedicated keys for volume up, down, mute, and a hotkey to open ROG Gaming Center which can be used to clear memory, running applications, overclocking, shortcuts, lighting effects and boosting fan performance. WASD buttons are especially transparent and the rest of the keys have a backlit function. The touchpad offers two separate buttons for left click and right click which again is convenient. One more unique design element that would put a smile on an FPS gamer’s face is definitely the snow camouflage livery which divides the laptop diagonally giving it a gamer’s touch.


If anything, the Strix Scar II excels at is, that is, its ability to handle games even on Ultra high settings is just phenomenal. So, I tested out games ranging from PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Apex Legend, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to really get the feel for it. And I wasn’t disappointed there too as the graphics were spot on. The games that I played had above average frame rate throughout except when the battery was about to die it shot down, but you can quickly put it to charge and the turbo boost technology fixes the drop in frames. The 144Hz display screen just takes the gaming experience a level above for that extra competitiveness. Other than the usual FPS games, I tested out DCS World for a change and the landscape scenery from the cockpit was exceptional.


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