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Are we becoming too dependent on technology?

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If you think your smartwatch is a constant companion and you keep your eyes off that mobile screen then my friend you are in trouble. Obviously, like every form of progress the digital age has its own pros and cons. While we have read how it is ruinous to humanity and to say that technology s the problem that has been simplifying a science that has aided us to grow, learn, educate and connect to each other. Without aviation technology, the world would not have been connected physically. Without medical technology, it wouldn’t have been possible to cure an ailment. Without surveillance technology, many criminals would not have been able to apprehend.

The ways that tech has changed our the positive is endless without which humans would have been far behind. But how do you think people would survive without technology? Are we taking dependence on technology a little too far that the idea of using an app to order food or check your blood pressure? And how can an app, help us improve our sleep or how can it remind us to have a glass of water? These questions have led us to have one safe answer that technology is not evil. Yet the problem lies in the unchecked consumption of it.

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Fact is that when we see ourselves today we are overly reliant on technology. And history is the witness that it is not the tool that is evil but the way it wielded. If we have to begin by tackling the problem of over-dependence of technology is to start from the micro-level.

Technology began as the basic need for the human to do things faster and more effectively. But the problem is when it becomes a tool to supplement your own capabilities to one that cannot function without it. I am sure we are all reliable on google maps especially when we are bad with directions but that does that mean we are unable to read maps or follow signs? It’s just that we don’t prefer to calculate our minds in the presence of technology. By this, we are not devaluing human intelligence and capability which means we are just not letting our own skills and potential to shine.

It is a crucial time that we value organic human effort and connection which makes humans. And if we stepped back from scrolling through our screens for a moment we will realize why it is the need of the hour.

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