Apex Trends Of The Tech World In 2019

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Novelty and advancement, have spiced up the tech world and with each passing year, we look forward to some substantial trends that would keep us on edge. The amalgamation of various tech themes for creating something new has been immensely exciting for the customers. Taking a look at the research and development pace, technology realm has been the most talked about sector in recent years. The year 2018, technologies like artificial intelligence, Fintech, bots, machine learning were predominant and its only set to grow and get better but wouldn’t it be rousing to see what 2019 has to offer?

Here are the apex trends of 2019 that will create mayhem in the tech world:


Now that the world has gone digital it has become both easy and difficult at the same time to reach out to your customers. Neither physical nor digital interaction, with the potential customers, can be undervalued in today’s scenario when the competition level is so intense. Digitally you can offer them a vast experience which gets restricted in physical interaction and physically, you can give a human feel and build trust which is like robotic and unreal when it comes to a digital experience. This is why the world of technology, infused them together and came up with the concept of Phygital, which is the new jargon in the tech industry that improves the interaction with customers through a combination of physical and digital user experience. It can be both ways like if your customers are interacting digitally, you can give them a virtual experience or if they physically visit your store, you can offer them an exclusive in-store experience using mixed reality options. Though 2018 has already marked the serviceability of this trend there is so much more can we can do, and we are still far from exploiting this technology completely. The scope lies in creating an extraordinary experience for the customers and keeping them engaged to retain your customers.


IoT technology has existed since the last couple of years, and 2019 will carry forward it with new innovations. The past two years have endorsed a considerable growth in connectivity with an infinite number of smart devices, this year we expect more additions to smart homes, smart electronics and smart goods. Internet of things is a promising technology and hence gaining momentum in terms of investments & funding. It connects, collaborates all the smart devices in one place, and IoT will continue to rein the world of tech in the future years. In a true sense, it has transformed not just the business sector but the personal lives of people as well. The concept of smart cities has also been propagated, and it is no more a superficial thing.
The coming year predicts the creation of a market for IoT managed services. It may also offer solutions like interconnected and centralised smart homes because at present, each smart device is connected to an individual app and implementing might get a little complicated from the customers’ point of view. From the most important things to smallest ones mostly use this technology in our everyday lives like Smart door locks, smart kitchens, smart ACs, smart coffee mugs etc. As for the business front, it can help you collect, sort and analyse data, offer better customer service and ensures efficiency in decision-making. Though, we still need to work on the security feature since with IoT the threat of our information being hacked increases. Hopefully, in 2019 we will also get a solution for that.

iot tehnology


The trend of blockchain reached out to masses with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but in a real sense, it refers to making a series or chain of data and adding on to it without being able to alter any previous records. As for security concern, more and more sectors are expected to adopt this technology to avoid any kind of manipulation, hacking or data from being leaked. It is expected to benefit industries like banking, healthcare and shopping sectors (both online and offline). Blockchain not only ensures transparency but is also economical, convenient and allows better cash flow. It lets you track the monetary transactions and data records amongst two parties in a very secure way. It can be termed as a distributed digital ledger that will be of great help to the government authorities. Despite being the new sensation in the tech world, it needs drastic improvements. Blockchain tech needs to develop long-term implications for businesses. Undeniably, it is a revolutionary concept, and some countries have also issued National cryptocurrencies.


Started with normal printing, coloured printing, 3D printing, plastic 3D printing and now there is 3D metal printing which will be a major breakthrough in the upcoming year. Two additive metal manufacturing processes like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) manufacture parts directly from digital models using the layer by layer material buildup approach. It can be used for mass production, with the quality being equivalent to the ones manufactured from traditional methods. It has become the next big thing in the tech zone. It reduces the waste of resources to less than 5%, and the metal powder can be easily recycled. It can be of great value for the jewellery businesses, dental and medical industries in particular. The 3D metal printer is worthy of creating complicated designs, and shapes which are otherwise difficult and it can cut down the tooling cost as well. It is yet to make its mark in the consumer market, and it was initially created for large-scale industries but now is accessible to medium and small businesses as well. HP has recently launched its Metal Jet that can produce a large number of production-grade metal parts. Though this tech is priced quite high, some companies are in the process of making it available at a lower price.

The leap in the technology has been shaking our universe and scaling up our expectations. The next generation is taking technology to new heights, in terms of development and what seemed impossible a few years ago is now a reality. There will be a lot of trends in 2019, and these were the most promising out of them all. But the question remains, will the tech revolution still be able to capitalise itself?


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