Android takes a swipe at Apple

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Who would’ve ever imagined Android taking a dig at Apple on their own In-house app that is Apple Music? It still looked like, the app had to be developed so it would never appear like a work in progress. Android developers pulled out a trigger and pointed it out towards Apple by launching a pretty big update for the app, which features a widget that even iOS version can’t match.

The widget offers features wherein you can pin it to your home screen or a different page which allows you to quickly check which song is playing. You can also control music by playing, pausing as well as you can play forward or backward. A heart icon on the screen to tap to state whether you like the music.

The update also offers iTunes Gift Card support through settings menu, which can be redeemed to pay your monthly membership fee. Apple Music will finally show you which songs are popular on any specific album.

The update is already available on Google Play Store. If you haven’t used the app, you can sign up on a trial basis for 3 months. Definitely, Android users have taken a dig at Apple with their own app of Apple Music. We need to look at how Apple answers to the swipe taken by Android. Surely, Apple isn’t going to sit quietly and let Android keep digging at them.

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