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Amazon Alexa
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We often hear about the smart home but don’t really get a feel until we have experienced it. So, Amazon invited us to experience the Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers by setting up an experimental smart home for demonstration. At the start of the briefing, the product team showcased all Amazon devices under one rack with contains right from the first-gen of Echo Dot to the newly launched Echo 5. The team also demonstrated all the latest skills that have been developed for the Indian families and the capability of the Alexa Echo-system.

Starting with the introduction of their latest Echo device – Echo Show 5, the Amazon team demonstrated new features like cooking with Alexa and How-To videos from WikiHow which have been added lately. The Echo 5 with a built-in 5.5-inch display makes it easy to watch and perform the steps without any extra efforts. It even has a camera and for precaution, there is a mechanical shutter. There is a mute button that allows Echo 5 to electronically shut-off camera and microphone when not in use. The Echo Show 5 showcased on the dining table functioned seamlessly at every voice command.

The Amazon team then showed the use of smart home appliances that work with Alexa, using the Echo Plus and Fire TV stick, the spokesperson switched on the TV, turned on the air-conditioner and dimmed the living room lights all with just voice commands from Echo device. The product team also showcased the Youtube app on fire Stick which even supports voice sent from Firestick remote.

The bedroom of the Amazon Smart Home featured the Echo Show, which has a 10-inch screen and a powerful speaker. It is perfect for enjoying short videos ar playing music to a room without a TV. It can even connect to your existing Echo 5 in the same house for a video call.

Moving on to the kids’ room, the team demonstrated Alexa skills for children of all age groups. It started with Alexa singing the Alphabet song and covered the skills such as ViR-The Robot Boy, which is a combination of fun interactive quizzes and storytelling, Word of the Day and Wild Planet.

Overall, it was a fun and interactive session of the Amazon Smart home tour. This definitely gave me a glimpse to the future homes built with Smart assistant like the Echo with Alexa voice assistant. These Echo devices have certainly proved their usability in every part of the house. From video calling to cooking along, helping control the brightness as well as the controlling temperature of the room, these smart Echo-system have got you covered.

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