Airtel comes with Happy Hours offering 50% Data back

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind, when you see Happy Hours? I’m sure you would say let’s grab it before the offer runs out and why not? Everyone loves to make the most of it. Mostly, we have seen this term on a signboard outside a local pub or joint, where alcohol is served. Have you ever been presented with cheerful hours by any other thing, that also from a telecom company? Damn! Hold on this offer is only applicable for Airtel prepaid customers.What is Happy Hours?All you need to do is download between 3 am to 5 am, which is referred to as Happy Hours by Airtel and 50% Data will be credited back to your account after 6 am, on the same precise day. There are no additional charges or hidden cost for users who avail happy hours benefit. You don’t need a special pack and it will working on your existing data plan. If you don’t have net pack, then you will be charged as per standard rates, that is 0.4 Paisa/10Kb and also, if you have discounted night packs such as double data packs, then the offer is ineligible.How does the offer make sense when I’ll be sleeping?Airtel has provided a free API, known as Smart Offline option in YouTube, so you can select Save Overnight to integrate the download schedule mechanism, potentially thwarting net neutrality contentions. An App developer can integrate with Airtel Happy Hours to give users the option to automatically schedule downloads between 3 am to 5  am, so the customers get 50 percent data back on downloads. You can the check the link for the following 4 steps for further assistance apps have been integrated in Airtel Happy Hours?As of now, it is YouTube and FastFilmz. It’s a great initiative, but can Airtel handle the congestion at the non-peak hours which will soon pull a lot of traffic during traffic hours between 3 am to 5 am? If they do, it will be remarkable. Let’s have a good sleep and let the crazy downloads begin during happy hours. 

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