After Smart Phones, Xiaomi Leads The Wearable Market Too in India Now

mi fitness band
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Little did Xiaomi know they would become the most successful electronic company in India when it was launched just half a decade back? With their multitude of innovative designs and concepts packed into one small device, the Xiaomi was possible for everyone’s to buy.

mi fitness band

This Chinese electronic company revolutionized the idea of Chinese smart phones and created a whole new world of affordable yet high quality advanced tech goods. Diversifying from the world of telecommunication to other smart 6 devices was definitely the next step and once again they proved that they are definitely one of the best.

As the world began to move towards a fitter and leaner future, smart wearables became a rave. Xiaomi launched the Mi fitness tracker brand, which again became hot seller. The Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, accounts for 41% of the Indian market.


As per the market study conducted this year by International Data corporation, Xiaomi is leading the Indian smart wearable market with 41% market share followed by Goqii with 19 % share. The huge margin of difference clearly indicates the preference choice of Indians.

Considering that the big time brand names and giant conglomerates in the watch wearable industry like Samsung, Titan and Fossil had single digit percentage share in the Indian wearable market, the result is quiet a shocker.

The main reason for such a huge rise in demand for smart wearable is perhaps the multiple activity options available in a single tiny device. From keeping track of the dietary changes to hart beat and number of steps walked to calorie burnt and even answering messages, mails and calls, these small devices on the wrist are multi tasking at a whole new level. A wrist watch is no more about just time and date.

Many have reportedly stated that the reason for such a huge impact of Mi Band 3 amidst the Indian population is the cost effectiveness without compromising the quality of the product. Reports have stated that the market for wearable’s have declined a great deal, to make way for the smart wearable instead. However how far the situation can descend is yet to be seen.

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