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Hey, hello. Now that you have knocked on this page, you seem to be eager to know about us. We try to answer that – in the most organized and ‘exhibit’ way, that we are.

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What’s Exhibit_red all about?

Exhibit is India’s best-selling magazine on technology and lifestyle. We, at Exhibit, have been taking note of the fact that technology being among the most integral parts of our everyday’s life – the evolution and upgradation need a special mention and the same should be regularly taken note of. Our aim is to talk about hard-core technology in the simplest possible way, so that even a layman gets his share of tech-dose.

And it’s not just Technology

but an apt dose of lifestyle element to compensate with it. That’s how Tech Meets Lifestyle here at Exhibit. We make technology fashionable, supersonically futuristic and connected to everyday lifestyle.

And it’s not just gadgets and gizmos

Okay, we review smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops and every new gadgets that hit the market. But that’s not all. Cars and bikes make our adrenaline rush high, robots excite us, watches allure us and music and films keep us updated. In short, we are seduced and tickled by tech toys and fashion at the same time. And that is how it has been going since 13 long years now.

Aha, how many years did you say?

We are in our 13th year of spreading tech-gyan to the world being the undisputed leader reaching out to more than 5 lakh readers every month. Not just via magazine, we are connected to the world digitally as well. With More than 150,000 Registered for our newsletter updates , 1,00,000 + connected with us socially on Facebook and more than 25,000 + wait for our tweets. We can say that we have a decent presence! What say?

Exhibit_red OOH

Our Out Of Home (OOH) advertising unleashes the power of OOH Media to help our clients reach their TG with the help of tailor made plans that are in sync with the changing trends. Not Only does our Media Buying and execution have won us many campaigns but what is more important is that it has won the trust of many brands with their outdoor advertising spends.


An extension of our print avatar – with much more stories uploaded and dose of tech news updated everyday. From apps to watches to celebrity talks to more serious stuffs like reviews, interviews, recommendations and buying guide – we have it all here. From video reviews of latest tech toys to How Tos, to Expert Opinions, From Top 10s to Buying Guides, is one place which will satiate all your tech needs and keep you in sync with ever-changing technologies of today.


This one’s solely dedicated to the 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled freaks. You name the latest cars and bikes, we have them here in the review section – driven and tested by our expert reviewers. Our editorial recommendations are absolutely sacrosanct and you can blindly trust their choices.

There’s so much more…

It’s a big sandbox but we think you’ll like playing in it. Check out the stuffs on prints as well as on the web to get your booster dose of technology – today and tomorrow.

Shows and Awards – Exhibit expands its wings

Apart from being popular in prints and web, Exhibit has its presence felt on the stage for all exotic reasons. We have been awarding the bests of gadgets, technology and tech-people for contributing innovation in different ways, and making our presence felt under the spotlight.

Tech Awards

tech_awards2015newThe world today is all about technology and gadgets. The trend of technology seems to be upgraded with the blink of an eye. And often do we miss the details of a good tech, amid the popularity of another overhyped tech. Exhibit takes up the duty of bringing the best of those tech under the spotlight – Tech Awards is for those deserving gadgets and technologies.

Hottest 100 Startups

startups_newJust done with the 2nd consecutive year of crowning the best startups across the country, Exhibit has made the buzz with Hottest 100 Startup event. From the thousands of aspiring newbies into the world of tech business, we handpick the top 100 and crown the top 10 in 10 different categories. Because they deserve the applause, and because they are the future we need to know about today.

Tech Fashion Tour

This is something the tech world has not witnessed before – the perfect fusion of fashion with technology. Both the worlds come together to make it a glamorous affair – and why not – afterall technology itself is synonymous with glam-quotient.

Leaders In Tech

Leaders_bannerLeaders in Tech dinner is an exclusive Exhibit property that debuted in May ’17. It is a high-profile sit-down dinner for Tech leaders across all Tech and Auto companies. The 4-course scrumptious meal is coupled with an exclusive master class and tasting of Glen Grant 10 YO and 18 Yo, exquisite wines and many networking opportunities.

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