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-On March 21, 2006, when Jack Dorsey published, ‘just setting up my Twitter’, little did he know that his first tweet was paving way for the rise of a new platform which will make the world a smaller place and drastically influence the crucial aspects of our society.  Known as the ‘SMS notification system’, the blue chirping reintroduced us to the wide globe in a way that no one could have ever imagined. The social medium has successfully tweaked and altered the way the society consumes content and the way we communicate with each other. What should have been a painfully time-consuming process with little effectivity, has been already implemented; thanks to Twitter.

The Blue Bird Chirps

While you read this, there are 316 million users dispersed all over the world connected with each other, constantly updating the world feed using only 240 characters. When Twitter was launched, the initial idea was to use only 140 characters to express, even though this feature was widely criticised for the restricting communication to a certain amount; the same restriction is now promulgated as the strength of the Twitter. It has resulted in the rise of a simple and straightforward narrative which is ambiguous and appreciated by the audience worldwide.

Twitter has indisputably resolved the issue of connectivity and communication despite the limited characters, it has certainly given rise to the surfeit of complications when it comes to connection and communication. To start with, the freedom that comes with twitter is abused since day one. This has specifically destroyed print media and detriment the credibility of journalists. Every journalist, blogger, editor or anyone associated with media has a twitter account. In fact, not only a journalist but almost everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection has a twitter account which is constantly used to update and comment. Twitter has become a platform where the news around every corner is updated, analyzed and commented upon at a lightning speed even before any article or an official statement is declared. The credibility, as well as the reliability of broadcast and print media, is endangered as none of them can catch up with the speed of the twitter. Even the bots on Twitter which account for 48 million is known for driving the content in a non-neutral manner resulting in the unwanted speculation and manipulating the target audience in a psychological manner. As a result, the number of users who feel safe in the community is declining and the credible information acquired on the platform is also scrutinized in a constant negative manner.

What Next?

Does this threaten the existence of the platform in long-term? Yes. But the bigger threat is not the reducing number of users but the platform itself. Instead of implementing crucial steps to make the platform more safe and free from internet bullies,  Twitter is introducing fatuous features which are gaining publicity for a day and then all the efforts to get Twitter as a community correct where fake news and negative community made of internet bullies is back to square one.

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