A Portable Gaming HDD : WD My Passport X caters Xbox One and PC Gamers

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WD My Passport X looks like a freshly designed Passport series HDD, but that design signifies that it is not just a portable HDD meant for PCs. It is unique as it also allows Xbox One Users to expand their gaming library.

Specifications :
Gaming ready, Xbox One or PC gaming compatible, performance-tweaked, USB 3.0 compatibility

Price 8500 (2TB)

¢ Can hold up to 50 Gaming Titles and expand Xbox One capabilities at half its cost
¢ Plug and Play capabilities allows users to share their gaming library with friends easily
¢ Can be used as a normal portable HDD too, making it versatile for most gamers
¢ Encourages Digital Storage and is a worthy upgrade compared to the limited storage on Xbox One

WD My Passport X is a god sent savior for Xbox One owners. It allows users to expand their gaming library to almost 4 times that of their console and with most gamers being normal human beings, it also serves great as a portable HDD. Only if this worked with the PlayStation Eh We are asking too much of it! If you own an Xbox Get this for

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