10 Things you should know before buying the Galaxy Note10 Plus

Galaxy Note 10
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Samsung upgraded its premium Note series smartphone. This for the first time Samsung introduced two different sizes of the Note variants, differentiating them by the screen size. Here are the top 10 things you should know before buying Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus.


The Galaxy Note10 plus has taken some design inspiration from its predecessor but with slight changes. The camera placement is moved towards the top left. Because of design and compactness, Samsung decided to pull-off 3.5mm audio jack, I think could have kept it the headphone jack. Also, if you’re used to pressing a button on the right side to unlock the phone, now you’ve to relearn the new power button placement as it has moved towards the left side, this time Samsung decided to place all the buttons on the left, keeping the right side clean. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy note9 users or S10 users, it will take time to get used to it.


We spend the majority of time on a smartphone interacting with the display, and Samsung takes it seriously, they make one of the best mobile displays in the market. With note10+, they offer a whopping 6.8-inches quad HD+ curved dynamic AMOLED display with HDR10+ certification. The experience of watching Bluray videos on this practically non-existent bezel-less phone was phenomenal.


Considering these are the premium smartphone from Samsung, this Galaxy Note10+ have best-in-class specifications. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is powered by powerful Exynos 9825 processor paired with up to 12GB of RAM that offers this phone to perform faster and heavy multitasking doesn’t matter to this phone. For storage, there is an option up to 512GB of storage, for more storage you can insert microSD card of up to 1TB.


While others use optical scanning, Samsung decided to continue using ultrasonic fingerprint sensor despite frequent issue found previously on Galaxy S10+. Also, the fingerprint sensor has been placed under the display. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor scans the thumbprint in 3D which makes it more secure than optical 2D scanning. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has one flaw, however, you have to apply pressure on the screen for it to detect your thumbprint. Kind of annoying when you want to unlock your phone in a hurry.


If you’re an Audiophile, you might have a bunch of 3.5mm headphones in your collection, sadly Samsung omitted 3.5mm headphone jack. Seriously! Samsung premium smartphones were the only phones to have headphone jack which holds no longer true with this Note10+. Samsung’s started hopping into omitting trends!


Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Note10+ with Quad-camera on the rear panel. It has a 12-megapixel sensor + 12-megapixel telephoto lens and 16-megapixel ultrawide sensor, but it also has a TOF 3D VGA camera that lets you make AR doodle which is kind of interesting if you’re into creativity. Except for TOF, all other cameras can be used independently, depending on the situation.


As for selfies, the Galaxy Note10+ features a 10-megapixel front camera with 26mm for wide area coverage. I’m still not impressed with the picture quality processed from the front camera. Wish Samsung could have done better. By the way, the punch selfie camera has been moved to the center compared to the right side placement on Galaxy S10+.


Just like the Galaxy S10+, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus supports fast wireless charging. You have to buy a wireless charging pad separately to use this feature. However, using wireless charging does create heat between the phone and charging pad which is normal.

One of the interesting features is the Samsung Power Share. Now you can share your phone power to charge the new Galaxy buds, Watch Active or even a wireless charging enabled phone like iPhone Xs whose battery doesn’t last long.


Strolling across the beach and worried about dropping your Note10+ in the sand or water? Worry not. It has an IP68 rating which will protect the Note10+.

10. S-Pen

One of the biggest factors when considering Note10 Plus is the S-Pen. The Note series was made for creativity and the S-Pen was the main part of every Note smartphone. With the Galaxy Note10, Samsung has added more functionality, now you can do gesture control like change songs, change to selfie mode, and many more.

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