YubiKey to boost iPhone security

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Hardware security Key for iPhone in a recent update to Apple products looking to better protection, Yubico will be developing a new hardware key. Reportedly, this should impart iPhones a technology similar to what is available for Android, and Windows phones and also Mac computers. CES 2019 saw the first preview of the product called YubiKey which offers support for all iPhone and iPad along with
USB type C phones running Android. Considering the logon standards which includes U2F and FIDO 2, hardware security key offers an extra layer of protection besides regular passwords. Sometimes, it does give the option to skip passwords as well.  Having said that, hardware security keys are being looked upon as a significant development to keep identify theft and hacking at bay. Working on the same line, YubiKey should be able to offer peace of mind for one and all iPhone users.

There is no denying how a password, no matter how difficult one puts across, has a severe shortcoming. Keeping aside the ones which are a child’s guesswork, the one-time codes are also gradually becoming a target for high-end criminals. Even Google recommends a physical security key for its employees to keep safe from phishing attacks. So, how does a hardware security key actually work?

All you need to do is to insert the device to the USB port of your device when you startup and push a button. This should work in conjunction with your original security key (passphrase, face or fingerprint recognition). Some hardware security keys from the house of Yubico also cater to work wirelessly using NFC. For now, the NFC support won’t be available for iPhones supporting the tech, but one should see the introduction of a lighting model pretty soon. For anyone using Gmail, LastPass, Dropbox, Outlook, Facebook, Office, Yubico’s latest offering should be a delightful addition to boost security.

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