YouTube Rolls Out The Dark Mode For Android

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YouTube has been recently rolling out new features for its users. Amongst the features introduced by the social media platform, introducing Dark Mode was one of the most awaited one! The Dark Theme was already implemented for the desktop version while iOS was the next in line to receive the update immediately. The YouTube for Android was under development since then and turns out it appears to be available for the android users.

Many users are receiving a prompt announcing “New! Dark theme” at the bottom of the screen. Since the new theme is on default. The users can switch it off but using the option to “Turn off.” For those who have not received the prompt can find the dark theme in Setting > General.

There are devices which are not showing the option of Dark Mode in the settings. Such users will have to clear the YouTube cache to receive the option. Devices with Android Pie will have to clear the cache. You can clear the cache on Pie by following the steps. Settings > Storage > Movie & TV apps > YouTube > Clear Cache. Once the cache is cleared, relaunch the YouTube application and the Dark Mode toggle should the second options in General under Settings.

The new update for the YouTube on Android is just like the update on iOS and the web, it is not straight black but rather a dark grey colour which will enhance the viewing experience for the AMOLED devices. The background, setting, search pages and everything which was originally white will adopt the new dark look.

The official YouTube Twitter account tweeted about the dark theme coming to the Android. Recently YouTube also announced that the users can track their activities and the time spent on the video sharing platform.

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