Top 5 Young Indian Entrepreneur You Never Heard- 2018

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The meaning of independence varies from person to person. For some, it is to be not tied down to any place irrespective of their jobs. We live in the age of the internet, and there are some entrepreneurs out there who are making the most of it while embracing their love for traveling. These entrepreneurs are not tied down to any place. Their home resides in their favourite plane seats and they probably have employees spread all the map. We scooped out some of these hidden gems who have taken their love for travel at a different level altogether while excelling at their fields!.

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 Ritesh Agarwal: The millionaire at 22

The mastermind behind Oyo, Ritesh Agarwal wanted all the travelers to be on your own and hence we have the Oyo Room service. The college dropout who knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur dropped his formal college education to take up the Thiel fellowship for under-20 entrepreneurs. The fellowship allowed him to received a support grant of US$100,000 and access to some of the brightest folks in Silicon Valley. Oyo rooms are widespread across the country and appreciated for providing the best service at the most nominal price. It is only because of minds like these that we are now all turning independent travelers!

Alex Strohl – The French Perfectionist.

Madrid-born, the French photographer, Alex Strohl has Instagram followers counting up to 1.9 Million. From Vanity Fair to Buzzfeed, the Instagram sensation has moved from French to Canada to explore a new world. Strohl started exploring his love for traveling through photography in order to document his passion. Alex had been shooting from 2008 and has a book under his name called, ‘Alternate Living’. He also conducts online summer photo workshop which gives a deep insight into the working method of the ace photographer.

Kiersten – The Blonde Abroad Traversing The Globe.

Not many can imagine dropping their perfect career in corporate finance to travel the world at a shoestring budget, but the California native Kiersten knew that something was missing. When the realized that the sense of satisfaction achieved by traveling could not be found in any other job, she quit her job to travel. Besides running the very popular blog,’The Blonde Abroad’ with her six team members, Kiersten provides services such as affiliate programs, consulting, social media marketing and digital content creation as well as Blog Mentorship Programmes. Kiersten has an Instagram following of 529K which has helped her attain sponsors for her time at regular intervals. Besides her Instagram followers, The Blonde Abroad is touted as one of the most popular and insightful travel blog cum business across the blogging community.

Ritu Harish Goyal – The wanderer who eased traveling for Indians

The Founder of Ease India Travel, Ritu Goyal has been a wanderer for a long time. The journalist turned entrepreneur would often travel to Bhutan, before finally deciding to take the plunge and give a test run to her entrepreneurial skills when she started Ease India Travel. The startup was bootstrapped by her and majorly focuses on creating travel plans to  Bhutan, Himachal Pradesh (Kangra Valley), Kerala and Coorg. The company claims that most of the travel plans are based on her personal experience and the itinerary created is seldom found on the internet.

Aakash Ranison- Seeking the Golden Bird at 15.

Known as the solo traveler who aims to provide education to the underprivileged through his NGO, The Golden Bird. Originally known as Aakash Mishra, his solo cycling trip to Bengaluru inspired him to change his last name to Ranison, taken after his mother’s name, Rani and son, his relationship with her. The Founder might have a degree in Business administration but his interest was in the bylanes of the computing world. The scarcity of finance forced him to drop the idea but motivated him to start his NGO. His constant solo trips have earned him fame, making him a TEDx speaker as well as various top academic institutions. The solo traveler aims to earn a degree in Social entrepreneurship and travel the world.

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