Xiaomi Mi 6: Close and candid with its features

xiaomi mi 6
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I have been wondering since few weeks how these feature-wise rich smartphones are so easily affordable in price. It’s true that the affordable high-end smartphones from the stables of Xiaomi and OnePlus never cease to amaze me. It’s good to see all the top end hardware in a comprehensive package at an affordable price point, in fact, these devices cost half as that of other flagships.

On that note, Xiaomi has launched the Mi 6 today and the flagship does come with quite a few laudable features. Let’s take a closer look at all the features:

1. No compromise on the computing prowess

Xiaomi has never compromised on the hardware when it comes to its flagship and the Mi 6 is no different. The Mi 6 comes powered by a Snapdragon 835 coupled with 6GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 835 achieves more efficiency thanks to the LPDRR4X that requires 0.6V for I/O as opposed to the 1.1V in the traditional system. Furthermore the big.LITTLE architecture is expected to throttle the power as and when needed, thus not only helping the SoC achieve performance gain but also be more frugal on the battery. Also, it is this combo of hardware that helps Xiaomi Mi 6 score 184,292 on AnTuTu.

2. Exclusive design, or is it?

The Mi 6 is designed in such a way that it resembles two design elements that confluxes at the centre. The glossy metal touch with the four-sided 3D glass back adds a premium touch to the design and so does the symmetrically arranged body lines. Since the device is splash resistant all the ports are promptly sealed. The symmetry of the buttons and the antenna lines is something that one would love and so is the speaker grills that are cut out of stainless steel. However, I for once felt that the design has taken a tad too many cues from the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The fingerprint sensor is nestled in the front home button and the bezels have almost given away for a bezel-less look. In a nutshell, the Xiaomi Mi 6 feels premium and hopefully, the ergonomics will do their part. The Ceramic Edition with the glossy back is one favorite of many and for the chrome lovers, the Silver Edition is the best bet.

3. Display cares for your eyes

No, we are not talking about the Corning Gorilla protective layer that the Mi 6 comes with but instead, it’s more about how Xiaomi has decided to take care of our eyes. The reduced glare feature is expected to restrict the harmful blue rays. The Blue rays have been proven to mess with the user’s sleep cycle and with the 1nit ultra dark mode, the problem should be taken care to a certain extent. Negative LCD display offers higher contrasts with deeper blacks and brighter whites which along with high colour saturation makes the display more vibrant and pleasing to eyes.

4. Smart backlight adjustments

Most of us make use of the automatic screen brightness feature that takes into account the light outside and adjusts the brightness of your smartphone’s display accordingly. Well, the Xiaomi Mi 6 boasts of 4096 adjustment levels which means that the increment or decrement in brightness can be more precise.

5. 2.2 Dual WiFi Technology

The dual WiFI technology comes handy when you want to switch to a higher WiFi band without losing the access to the lower bands. With the dual 2×2 WiFi the Mi 6 can receive better signal and theoretically can achieve twice the speed of single WiFi.

6. Dual camera with 2X Optical Zoom

Generally speaking zooming on smartphones is not something that is recommended. The reason for this is the way the quality degrades and makes way for noise, especially with the digital zoom. However, with the 2X Optical Zoom on the Xiaomi Mi 6, one can zoom without any loss. Yes, 2X might not seem more but for a smartphone, optical zoom in itself is an added advantage. This in conjunction with the dual camera setup and the portrait modes can help you get the best out of the Mi 6 camera unit. Also worth mentioning are the smart beautify feature on both the front and the rear camera and natural colour correction.

To conclude with:

The Mi 6 is definitely one of the strongest contenders in its segment as of now but again it will be wiser to reserve the judgement until OnePlus 5 is unveiled.

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