X-mini launched SUPA and CLICK 2 Portable Speakers

X-mini SUPA & X-mini CLICK 2
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X-mini has launched a new range of portable speakers in India. The new X-mini SUPA comes in Mystic Grey and Apricot Gold, while the X-mini CLICK 2 comes in Crimson Red and Midnight Blue.

X-mini SUPA

X-mini is a portable speaker that comes with a built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dual Pressure Air Compression (DPAC) audio technologies with a signature tweeter technology. The device is inspired by vintage jukebox systems and claims to offers good sound experience. It retains original quality at high volumes with minimal distortions. The audiophile will love the sleek and powerful device that comes with two pre-set equalizers for vocal and bass. There is a unique smooth dial to change song or volume. X-mini comes in Mystic Grey and Apricot Gold and available at a price of Rs. 12,990.

“Due to different consumer preferences, a product’s color play an important role in the consumer’s purchase decision, and in a research done by Ragan, a Communications Agency, 85% of consumers buy products based on color,” states Ryan Lee, Co-founder of X-mini™. “Listening to the needs of our consumers have always been the foundation in selecting additional colors, and we aim to come up with products that cater to our consumer needs to suit their lifestyles.

X-mini CLICK 2

The X-mini CLICK 2 is a tiny portable pocket-sized speaker that is designed for music on-the-go. It has a 36mm driver and offers 6 hours of wireless Bluetooth playback time. It is available in two colors – Crimson Red and Midnight Blue. The product is available for Rs 2,990.

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