World Music Day

Music is a universal language that transcends beyond the very things that divide man. Race, nationality, language, gender, and class all lose their significance in front of music’s graceful dance. After all, music speaks directly to the soul and thus she has the power to weave connections that the mind never could. Every year on the summer solstice day as the bright sun illuminates the sky, the world comes together to celebrate music in all her splendour and grace.

Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is observed annually on 21st June in 120 countries, including India. On this day people from across the globe come together to recognise the impact music has had and continues to have on our very humanity.

World Music Day was first observed by France in 1982 and over time has spread across the globe. Today, musicians come together and perform at various public spaces; regardless of their age, genres and styles: they unite. Music day is an attempt to understand new musical trends while also attempting to re-establish traditional music. This day is supposed to have no remunerative motive and rather is seen as a commemoration of the true essence of music.

If one can hear music in the rustle of the leaves and the song of the birds they will know that music has always existed and that humans are not its creators. However, with time even music has evolved and its evolution has been nothing less than elegant. Today, technology has had a transformational effect on music. Computers have played a fundamental role in changing the way we produce music. With the capacity of computers, there are virtually no artistic limitations on producing music digitally. We have an infinite number of sounds on our side and multiple tools, whether it is equalisation to alter frequencies or compressions to alter the dynamics. Even the instruments we use are electronic. It can be easily concluded that music production has been seriously altered and that it has never been more complex.

Technology has had a fabulous impact on music and has broadened our understanding of music in many ways. Nevertheless, from time to time, it is important to remember that the past has it has its own charm and days like this give us the opportunity to reconnect with old and not let it be forgotten.

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