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10 reasons why women are better Entrepreneurs

women are better Entrepreneurs
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According to Harvard Business Review, women are better leaders than men. It’s definitely for attributes like great nurturing skills you’d associate with women but also for reasons on all levels of business success. Nothing is unattainable for us because we’re genetically designed for survival, getting things accomplished and being undauntable. And what else can we say? We’re just more of everything!

What are the 10 Reasons that make Women better Entrepreneurs?

1. Intuitive

Possession of a formidable sixth sense is a woman’s thing and no man can deny or beat that. Freakily correct instincts, inexplicably true gut feelings (and the power to stick with them) all help women make just the right choice, avoid trouble by sensing it and emerge winners.

2. Multitaskers

Women are effortlessly efficient and that’s a tale that has traveled across centuries. We multitask without blinking an eye; handle a massive team at work, switch between tasks and conversations with the same focus, carry out multiple tasks simultaneously and let’s not even talk about how we’re absolute wizards at getting the family life up and running with all this.

3. Calculated risk-takers

Taking the road less taken is more often than not said to be the success mantra, something women proficiently do and show why. While some men might hold on to their safety cards or impulsively overplay their hand, women embrace risks and approach their business with a realistic assessment of the dangers ahead.

4. Ambitious and motivated

Surviving in a male-dominated society, dealing with each challenge thrown their way and excelling speaks volumes about the grit inherent within women than mere technical capabilities. More and more women are exploring entrepreneurship while some are climbing corporate ladders onto accountable jobs because they are motivated to be next to their male counterparts because honestly, we’re no less (maybe even more).


Be it circumstances that pit women against men or simply tasks that ask for complete diligence, the former have to prove their worth in front of the latter and you can expect women to put all their efforts, push themselves tirelessly and focus. 


5. More hard-working

Be it circumstances that pit women against men or simply tasks that ask for complete diligence, the former have to prove their worth in front of the latter and you can expect women to put all their efforts, push themselves tirelessly and focus. Never the ones to sit around in adversity, women are quick to get up and run to solve the problem no matter how intense they may be.

6. Well-organised and Resourceful

Scheduling, thoughtful work departmentalisation, budget allocation, organisation and delegation is sort of our thing and we channelise it perfectly for optimum efficiency. We are also mindful of the available resources and thus know of creative and resourceful ways of putting them into use. Both these qualities also make us open-minded towards alternatives and creative solutions.

7. Not overconfident

Women know where to draw the line when it comes to feeling confident and a sense of entitlement. We are never too hung up and over-confident about our decisions in a way that blinds us to damage control possibilities. We keep our goals attainable and focus on steady growth unlike men who dream of building an empire and bet it all on their decisions.

8. Long-term views

Men and women often choose different paths when it comes to the rate at which growth should occur. While men might get drawn towards achieving short term goals that promise a quicker exit and imminent success, women trust their foresight and take a sustainable decision that will reap long-lasting, steady and profitable growth.

9. Less egocentric

Women are competitive but that does not come in the way of operating a business against rivals even in times of fierce competitiveness. Women attach less ego to the success or failure of the business and that is one of the reasons why female entrepreneurs have relationships with each other while men get into the fight mode instead. We are not hesitant to ask for help unlike our male counterparts and thus get more help in times of need.

10. Nurturing Build relationships

Women come blessed with is their brilliant sense of nurturing relationships. We possess higher emotional intelligence that in turn gives us better social skills and a sense of empathy. People want to feel they know the person they’re dealing with and women are known to create relationships that are built on understanding, compassion, trust and honor. Additionally, our understanding of the importance of family brings a lot of consideration into the picture.


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