Did You Know Why Windows Phones Failed?

windows smartphones failed
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Windows Smartphones – The Perfect Disaster

Starting from 90’s, the evolution of phones to smartphones has been an interesting journey. The transition of the normal keypad to the touch screen, the mobile phone market is perhaps the only one which has never been stagnant. Amongst all the smartphones that were launched, there were some which did not fail to capture our attention. One such series of smartphones was the Nokia Lumia series which was later known as the(Windows) Microsoft Lumia Smartphones.

There are mighty reasons why Microsoft smartphones didn’t work, but as a person who was a former owner of Nokia Lumia 520 and later Windows Lumia 640XL, I could personally jot down reasons why this smartphone was doomed to be a failure. But there are many major reasons on why this smartphone didn’t make money:

  • The Windows phone had an operating system that was actually very efficient. But the lack of availability of the OS on other devices confined it to a single hardware making it difficult to reach the masses.
  • The homescreen was made up of tiles which were informative, but there was no option of any customization on the homescreen, which would eventually bore the user.
  • Besides the display – the biggest flaw of the windows phone, was the limited applications available in the Microsoft Store.
  • There was no official YouTube application nor an official Instagram application. These two applications were used on a large scale even back then.Lack of applications frustrated the user, why would it not? The lack of all these third-party applications as well as the lack of developers could certainly be one of the important reasons that resulted in the most anticipated smartphone series turning redundant.

Though now Windows phones are now being relaunched under the original Nokia brand by HMD global, a Finnish company, it would be an interesting journey to see how the company retains its original crown in a universe that is dominated by multiple kingdoms.

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