Why The Minimalist Approach Is The Leading Tech Trend ?

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Technology has been synonyms with minimalism but the recent tech trends prove we are the epitome of the same.

There might be an instance that very few of us still think of buying a calculator for our workplace. But the probability of the same is rare. When it comes to the essential pieces of equipment that arrives packed in our smartphones they were once different devices that we had to carry around separately. It was a necessity that one could not ignore or it would have directly hampered the productivity level. Technology has been constantly evolving to maximize human efficiency and minimize human labour. Moreover, it is all about packing everything in one place in one single unit to eliminate the hassle. The latest tech devices, be it a computer, laptop, or a smartphone, they have all matured into compact devices. These devices have taken over their other multiple halves and created a prominent position in our lives. Besides communication technology, even the technology of the financial world has all being squeezed into one tiny card, which is also now targeted towards smartphones.

When Steve Jobs envisioned technology, his major target was to not carry an obsolete piece of a technology which is deteriorating at a  rocket speed. He wanted to create technology which always had a scope for development in terms of technology and its design, especially its mobility.  He took his vision and materialised it when the first computer was introduced. For those who are unaware of the computers we use now, they were humongous back in the day and the tasks performed on it were limited to mundane tasks. Not that the first computer by Apple could do any futuristic tasks which other computers of that era could do, but the design and the perfection it offered was what hit it off.  After the computer, the smartphone was envisioned to bring the modern day laptop into the pockets of every man. Keeping the idea intact the trends which followed were practically involving the leading specs of a modern computer and has the potential to be a strong contender in the same arena.

In goes the Camera: The recent Vivo Nex, Or the Oppo Find X are the true symbols of minimalism in every sense. The camera slides out of the top thus saving the space occupied by the camera in most of the smartphones. If the smartphone designs of the early 2000’s are compared to the designs of the smartphones now, the camera lens would be bulging out, the screen had a relatively large bezel. Not that we can blame the designers back then, the technology was limited. But the present days’ devices are sleek, tall and light in weight to make it easier to carry around the smartphones.  With smartphone manufacturers implementing the idea of thin bezels in their basic range of smartphones, it is reflecting the upcoming trends of minimalism in the world of tech. Even if most of the smartphones might appear as the same, they are all heading towards a common motto, which is to create devices that are equipped to bring everything together in one unit in the most simplistic manner.

It is all about flexibility: When the first mobile phone created by Motorola called DynaTAC 8000x came out in 1973, the world had suddenly turned into a tiny place which was not restrained to a specific place in order to communicate. The flexibility provided by having a smartphone was a phenomenal achievement. Surely the idea has spiralled upwards and today we have sleek computing devices as well as sleeker smartphones which are sturdy despite the delicate appearance. Multinational giants including Samsung and many more are already working towards make smartphones which are flexible and mouldable. The idea is dedicated to transforming the smartphones into devices which are synonyms with moldable, bendable and unbreakable devices to fit the needs of future.

The Artificial Intelligence which is not Artificial: Artificial Intelligence is now the backbone of every smartphone. Though most of the smartphones include AI as an assistant to improvise the camera of the phone. Manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo have been primary participants who have utilised ai to improvise the camera in their smartphones. Whereas Apple has used AI to enhance the security. AI has also participated in boosting the overall performance including the battery and the operating system. In terms of minimalism, all the above-mentioned functions were clustered and it was very difficult to work to enhance the overall usage of smartphones. With the inclusion of AI, multiple features which were once not capable of including in a smartphone is now running smoothly and are on the verge of optimising the devices we use on a daily basis.

In is the out: Back then having a camera lens on your smartphone meant having a bulge on the rear of your smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 1020 which has a 42-megapixel camera was the best camera at that time. If we see from a retrospective view then the Nokia mobile phones had an antenna attached to the top of their model which would improve the quality of the calls. Today none of the mobile phones, be it smart or a basic model would have any kind of external attachment to enhance the quality of call reception. Thanks to the modern network and service providers. But besides the antenna, most of the modern pieces of technology are all singular and clean in terms of the design of the devices, be it a smartphone or any other electronic devices. The reason why smartphones are the epitome of this is that of their widespread presence and the role they play in our lives. It is all about taking the out in.

Elegant beauty without any distraction:  The ultimate aim of the designers is to increase the consumption of technology and the design of any device running it plays a pivotal role in promoting the use of it. Hence the designs that followed were also lighter, compact and mobile in true senses. Back in 2000, the fads were jazzy and over the top in terms of vibrancy, But today the designs are moving towards simplicity with a focus on eliminating the distraction of any kind. This includes computers, smartphones, laptops, printers, televisions as well as electronic devices used in the kitchen or in any other area.

Consumption of technology:  Multinational tech giants are focusing on appealing the masses in a different manner and the leading idea is to restrict the usage of technology in our day to day lives. In order to promote so, smartphone manufacturers are including mediums to inspect the amount of time spent on our smartphones, especially in detail. They do not want a constant limitless usage as technology as it can ultimately lead to it turning autotrophic. Instead, it is now focused on usage which includes a positive outcome in terms of productivity. Minimalistic lifestyle is no longer a lavish lifestyle which only the few can afford. The inclusion of the minimalistic approach in technology is the fact that the more we have, the amount of distraction also increases while acting as an additional liability.


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