Why should Android users love the iPhone X!

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Let’s get back to our everlasting debate: what’s better, an Android phone or the iPhone? Since it is the end of 2017, this debate has kind of become futile. Both the types of smartphones have become so good that it barely matters which one you pick. All this until you bring in the latest iPhone X. With the advent of iPhone X, Android devices have again taken a back-foot.

The iPhone X can be termed as the best phone any android user has ever had. The iPhone X can be a sort of tempt even when you are an avid Android user, and right here are the reasons why the device can allure the toughest Android freaks.

It’s stunning

iPhone X’s good design can really make using this smartphone experience fun and fulfilling. Just like all Apple products, owning it will make you feel distinctive and unique. There are some handsets offering exquisite metals or jewels on case, but they are flashy; when it comes to good taste, the iPhone X is the one that stands out. The stainless steel case of the iPhone X syncs well with its glass structure. The chrome touch also looks decent on the iPhone.

Basically, when you place the iPhone X beside any other phone, including another iPhone, you will pick the iPhone X. The design that speaks to a person’s heart matter and the iPhone X has gotten it absolutely right when it comes to making an appeasing design for the concerned consumers.

Give it a chance for its fabulous screen

Despite that notch, iPhone X’s screen is the best part about the phone. It looks bright and expansive with an almost edgeto-edge display. More than anything, though, it is what the colors the screen displays, which makes it so attractive. The screen looks like it is painted on the phone. To further glorify iPhone X’s screen, the display makes use of OLED panel, which is better as we have seen on the Samsung phones. Perhaps, the main aspect that makes the screen of the iPhone X so blameless is its color calibration and the brilliant hues it shows. No Android phone offers that kind of screen.

Quick performance, excellent hardware

Ideally, the processor in the iPhone is very fast. The smartphone uses an A11 Bionic processor. Apple has also altered animations in the iOS 11. Consequently, as a result, the iPhone X has turned out to be very quick and responsive.

This is an area where Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X are competing hard. Now, the Pixel 2 XL offers a somewhat better quality in photography compared to the iPhone X. However, since you get flamboyant animations along with agile software with the iPhone X, you will thoroughly enjoy what quick browsing feels like. Further, you can also scroll your photos, plus snap a few pictures swiftly.

International warranty, plus quick updates

Only the Pixel phone is known to fetch you the quickest software updates. The iPhone X is one of those few phones that always get fast updates. The device will get upgraded for at least 2 years (maybe 3 years too), just like the latest Pixel 2 XL. Compared to other Android phones, you can note that the Apple updates are so much better.

The best part is that iPhones from this year will also provide you with international warranty. So even if you buy your iPhone in the US, you will be able to service it in India, given it is under warranty.

So much new to explore

This is a kind of fascination too. Not all will view iPhone’s technology as fun features. However, a lot of ordinary users will. The Face ID is a pioneering step in itself, even if it isn’t as fast as a fingerprint sensor. This innovation is special, until other phones also come up this kind of feature. Apple has taken a notch higher with its Animoji feature. It feels charming to record your own customized animojis that mimic your tone and expressions.

We can say it for sure that no Android device offers such functionalities for the smartphones such as iPhone X does.

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