WhatsApp Video Calling – How, Why & Why Not!

whatsapp video calling
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WhatsApp Video Calling – How, Why & Why Not!Facebook-owned chat messenger- Whatsapp has launched the much awaited video calling feature.Here is all you need to know about it-How do I video call using Whatsapp?

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device.
  2. Then open a chat window, click on the call button on top of the screen and select “Video call”.

whatsapp video calling

Beware of the random ‘Maami and Chaachi’ calls!

Here is why staying away from this feature makes senseAs any technological advancement has its pros and cons, even this video calling will have a major downside. We can even expect WhatsApp servers to crash, be overloaded temporarily.Beware of the random ‘maami and chachi calls’ ! Also, husbands, boyfriends, be alert of the surprise location check !Also, whatsapp chats are end to end encrypted which means that your chats are secured. We are yet to confirm the security details of the video calling feature.Please don’t be stupid and use video calling while driving and crossing streets!Quick Facts*You can multitask while your video call takes place, message anyone on whatsapp as well.*You can also switch between front and rear camera by touching on the switch button during the call itself.*This feature is available across all platforms- Android, iPhone and Windows phone.*No extra charges applicable for this, however you may end up using more data.Read more about it here.

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