WhatsApp Has Gotten Its Very Own Set of Emojis

WhatsApp emojis
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WhatsApp has come up with its own set of emojis, which are different from what we have ever seen. The latest WhatsApp emojis are accessible in the latest beta version of 2.17.363, which are only for the Android users, and is likely to be rolled out to more people in future.

The new set may come out different from the Apple emoji set, which was previously being used by Facebook’s WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and the Web. From the looks of it, we can say for sure that WhatsApp latest set of emojis are highly inspired by Apple’s available emoji. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the emojis are only yet available in the beta version. And these emojis can greatly alter before the actual public release. Or, there is even a possibility that these emojis might not even make it to the official public release.

All the beta users will know that the new set of emojis introduced by WhatsApp make a specific emphasis on certain kind of things. Along with all this, they also try to be different from Apple’s set of emojis in a slight manner.


Given the fact that the latest set of emojis is only available to beta users, that too only for Android, we can surely know that it will take some time to reach to all the remaining Android users. Furthermore, the update can take some more time in order to reach other platforms like iOS along with the Web. WhatsApp’s entire idea of introducing a new emojis has taken grounds from Facebook. Facebook has brought its very own set of emojis to the main app as well as its Messenger.

Just some time ago, all the WhatsApp beta users of the Android devices received granular control for cleaning up the data that consumed their device’s storage space. For all those who are unaware of it, such a feature has been around on iPhones since January this year. However, this feature only made it to Android just recently. Interestingly, the feature has still not made it to all the regular WhatsApp users.

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