WhatsApp Finally Launches ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature

Delete for everyone
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WhatsApp finally launched its highly awaited feature called ‘Delete for Everyone.’ This feature lets its users retract their messages if they sent the message to the wrong person or group.

It is important to note that you can only delete messages for everyone up to only seven minutes after you have sent the message. Once seven minutes are passed, you cannot delete the message.

In order to successfully use this delete for everyone feature, it is important for both you and the recipient to use the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, Windows, or iPhone.

“Deleting messages for everyone allows you to delete specific messages you have sent to either a group or an individual chat. This is particularly useful if you sent a message to the wrong chat or if the message you sent contains a mistake,” WhatsApp stated.

When you delete the message, it will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chat, and vice versa

How to Use This Feature?

Open WhatsApp, and navigate to the chat that contains the message that you want to delete.

Tap the message, hold it for a bit, and then choose delete from the menu.

You can also select multiple messages if you want to delete all of them at once. Finally, tap “Delete for Everyone”.

“If you or your recipient is not using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, this feature will not be supported,” WhatsApp mentioned.

Your recipients will be able to see your message before it is deleted, or if the deletion was not possible.

Another bit here is the part where you just delete the message for yourself.

This functionality refers to deleting your copy of messages that you’ve either sent or received only from your phone. This feature has been existing for quite some time.

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