WhatsApp And Google Join Hands: Drive Users Rejoice!

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In a recent deal between WhatsApp and Google, the tech multi giants have taken a huge leap which will be beneficial to all the google driver users who are always struggling due to the shortage of memory. From now onwards the WhatsApp messages backup which used to be initially stored in the Google drive will not be accounted against your Google Drive storage quota. This new policy will be implemented from 12th November onwards.

Google Drive users who have linked their WhatsApp accounts are being notified about the same by emails sent by Google. WhatsApp has also mentioned about the same on their FAQ’s page. The company has stated, “Starting November 12, 2018, WhatsApp backups will no longer count towards the Google Drive storage quota.”

Another update send by WhatsApp states that users who have backed up their data within the span of the year will automatically lose their data from the Google Drive storage. Hence WhatsApp has also suggested its users to manually create a backup to avoid loss of any kind of data. It is very easy to backup your messages. To do so one can go to Settings>Chat>Chat Backup. It is advisable to use wifi instead of mobile data for the same.
Those who do not use the Google Drive can also create a backup on their smartphones just by changing the settings and the backup will be automatically be saved on your smartphone memory.

Previously users of iPhone would back up their data on the cloud whereas the Andriod users had to rely on their Google drive storage to save their messages backup. This would occupy their storage quota which won’t be the case anymore due to the new policy. This is a great step, especially for those who rely on the drive for the storage of data as well as for tech geeks who are constantly changing their smartphones.

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