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This is going to be my 8th trip to Las Vegas and all of them have been for the same reason in January of every year since 2012. It’s like the annual “Tech” pilgrimage at the start of the year to soak in all the new tech and trends for the year and ahead.

This Year 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, sports, robotics and more will be the focus area with around 4,500 exhibitors will debut products across a show floor spanning 2.75+ million square feet.

If You are Going to Be going for the first time or our regular the below would definitely help you. Yes, Importantly don’t carry your new shoes, but carry a sneaker and a shoe which is comfortable and broken in since the amount of walking is no less than a marathon. The only difference is you are most likely suited here.

New and emerging areas include:

  • 5G and Mobile Connectivity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Voice Activation/Smart Assistants
  • Resilience
  • CES Sports Zone
  • World’s largest startup event with Eureka Park – 1,100 startups, 40+ countries


In 2019, 5G will move from trials to commercialization, with commercial launches in the US, Europe and Asia. By 2025, there will be 1.2 billion 5G connections globally – 14 per cent of all mobile connections. 5G is driving innovation across industries, from smart cities to self-driving vehicles, digital health, AR/VR applications and faster content downloads.


Digital Money Forum → January 8th, Venetian

CES will showcase how blockchain is being incorporated into business solutions to ensure greater security, from cryptocurrency to Ad Tech to supply chain.


Smart speakers are one of the sector’s hottest products – $3 billion in US sales revenue after only three years – and the race among market leaders like Amazon and Google plays out at CES 2019.

Smart/voice assistants will play an even bigger role in digital life from shopping to cars, appliances and offices.

Key exhibitors: Amazon, Google


Launched at CES 2018, the CES Sports Zone conference and exhibit area are designed to showcase the convergence of sports and technology.

Attendees experience the latest sports tech trends, including the quantified athlete, immersive fan experience, e-sports and smart venues.


Vehicle tech at CES is larger than many stand-alone car shows and features the latest concept cars and connected vehicles.

CES 2019 will feature 150+ vehicle tech exhibitors, including 9 automakers (BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Audi).


Brings together leading CMOs, content creators, Hollywood and media to uncover disruptive trends changing the future of brands, marketing and entertainment.

Features conferences, keynotes and exhibits from companies like Google, Hulu, NBCU, NeuLion, Nielsen, OMD, *Pinterest, *Pandora, *SiriusXM, Snap, T-Mobile,*TiVo, *Univision, Vevo, *WWE, Wunderman.


Keynote addresses are delivered by Global industry leaders or CEOs across big Tech companies on the main stage. Keynote Addresses are open to all CES attendees so make sure to catch the ones you would like to attend by closely following the timing, location and date.

Following are the speakers for 2018:

7TH JAN 2018

Dr I.P. Park – President and Chief Technology Officer, LG Electronics.

8TH JAN 2018

Gary Shapiro –  President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Ginni Rometty – President and CEO, IBM Chairman.

Hans Vestberg – CEO, Verizon.

9TH JAN 2018

Dr Lisa Su – President and Chief Executive Officer, AMD.



Launch announcements by Samsung, LG, Honor, ZTE, Asus, TC, Qualcomm, Google, booths of Sony, Dell, Acer, Hp Razer, Toshiba, automobile booths of car manufacturers Fisker, Tesla, Hyundai, Toyota, wearables, robots and hundreds of others. A lot many brands take the opportunity to launch new products at CES by holding presentations at their booths thus increasing the scope of the reach of the new product and news.


CES has ongoing conferences during its course of 4 days and if you search well, you can come across many interesting ones which are crisp and encompass very diverse topics. However, be cautious to divide your time well because of the overlapping timings and distance of the locations from one another. You can also refer to a whole comprehensive list of conferences taking place across the 4 days.


You can make your own personalised CES game plan with the help of a tool on the website that requires you to make an account and find exhibitors, keynotes, and add conference sessions filtered by location to create the visit you most wanted to have. It also allows you to make individual reservations for hotels and prepare a personal showplan with planning and logistics. You can also conduct a search according to the name of the speaker or company that you wish to attend.

CES also provides transportation options to reach the venue such as Shuttle, Monorail, Taxi, Airport shuttles and Ridesharing with Uber/Lyft.

The number of people coming to attend the exhibit from all around the world is massive and so even a simple process might take longer. Thus, CES enables you to avoid time wastage by fastening processes by helping you collect your CES badges at the hotel or at the airport.

You must take heed of the timings of the exhibit for each day. The CES 2018 show floor hours will be as follow:

  • Tuesday, January 8: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Wednesday, January 19: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Thursday, January 10: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Friday, January 11: 9 AM-4.30 PM


Download the CES APP and you can connect your LinkedIn through the app, and network and you will have access to show floors and every other info required. Yes, We will be there along with Reliance Digital and our Two hosts who would be covering Say wise show hosted on Jio Cinema and our channel. You will not miss anything substantial if you are staying tuned to Exhibit Magazine.

This is how we plan to Walk the Show floor. We’ll cover all the trendsetter brands and game-changer products that will mark the apex of this year’s CES.

We know it can be tough to keep track, so here’s all you need to know about the brands and venue at which their booth will station.

Day 1

Intel Corporation Central Hall
Qualcomm Tech Central Hall
Huawei Devices Central Hall
Haier Central Hall
LG Electronics Central Hall
GoPro Inc Central Hall
Panasonic Central Hall
Nikon Central Hall
Samsung Central Hall
Samsung Central Hall
Sharp Central Hall
Canon Inc Central Hall
Sony Inc Central Hall
Sharp Audio Central Hall

And More…


Day 2

Blackberry Limited North Hall(lower)
Nvidia North Hall(lower)
Qualcomm Technologies North Hall(lower)
Panasonic North Hall(lower)
Belkin International North Hall(lower)
LG Electronics North Hall(lower)
Sennheiser Electronic Corp North Hall(lower)
Qualcomm AR North Hall(lower)
Panasonic North Hall(lower)

And More…


Day 3

Microsoft Sands Expo (Level -1)
Dell Sands Expo (Level – 2)
D-Link Sands Expo (Level – 2)
Fitbit Sands Expo (Level – 2)
Carl Zeiss Sands Expo (Level – 2)
Logitech Sands Expo (Level – 2)
Creative Labs Inc Sands Expo (Level – 2)
TP-Link Sands Expo (Level – 2)
Whirlpool Sands Expo (Level – 2)

And More…

We will Also have an exclusive Talk with Gary Shapiro president CEO at CES  Joined by Kaushal Neverekar CMO- Reliance Digital giving us perspectives …

Alongside highlighting these brands on the three days of the event, we would also cover many more tech that will bring insight to tech and consumer products in the Indian market. The grand show will end with us compiling the Best that CES 2019 A show for 30 minutes encompassing what CES  had to offer that would, in turn, mark the high point of the year in the tech sphere.

This is the space to watch out for and you may subscribe to our channel Exhibit Magazine to be the first one to know.


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