WalnutPay: The Smartest Way for Splitting Bills & Sending Money to Friends

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WalnutPay is an app which is best for managing money matters. A lot of people have been requesting to add a feature which allows us to make payments from the app itself. The app rolled out the requested features. And, trust me, this app is the smartest way for splitting bills and sending and receiving money from friends.

WalnutPay – What is it?

This app allows you to split and settle down money with friends. Not only this, you can also send and receive money using debit cards with no deductions. The best thing about the app is that you don’t need to remember or exchange the account numbers and IFSC codes. The only two things that are required is your phone and debit card which I think everyone carries along with them. Also, the money can be sent from any bank to any bank!

You can add details of the debit card which you want to use for making payments. There is also an option of adding different cards for sending and receiving payments. However, on WalnutPay, payments can only be received on a Visa Debit Card. Now, with all the new features, this app also lets you find active nearby ATMs. This is such a relief!

How to Split and Settle Spends?

If you want to settle your dues, tap on the “You Owe” tab which shows pending transactions. After that, select the transaction you want to settle down and then on the WalnutPay icon for making the payment.

How to Send and Receive Money?

If you want to send or receive money on this app, just tap on the “WalnutPay” tab if you are using an Android device or on the “Transactions” tab in iOS. After that, click on “Send Money” or “Request Money” button for sending and receiving money. Also, one thing to remember is, if you are sending money to a person who doesn’t use WalnutPay, they should install the app and add their debit card or a bank account within two days. If they fail to do this, the sent money will be refunded to you.

How to Pay your Visa Credit Card bills?

In this app, there’s a Bills Reminder Section where you can tap on the WalnutPay icon just beside your pending credit card bill. Fill up your credit card details for completing the payment. As of now, the bill payments can only be done within Indian Visa Credit Cards. Also, this option is only available for the Android app users.

So, if you are a spendthrift like me, then you must install this app. It’s a savior for me and can be yours too. Share your feedback about the WalnutPay App on [email protected].

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