Voice assistants, not the best shopping assistant?

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When Amazon and Google introduced their smart speakers, their major aim was to normalise the futuristic idea of voice shopping which would be the very next vogue in the tech world. While Amazon has successfully incorporated modern and interactive natural language processing (NPL) into its text to speech(TTS) engine, Amazon has been successively introducing new skills while adding regional languages consistently. For many of us, the use of smart speaker is limited to mundane tasks including setting an alarm, asking for information or weather forecasts. These devices have been playing a pivotal role in connecting all the electronic devices found in our home and transforming our traditional house into smart homes. Though the idea of narrative shopping does not appear to be widely appreciated or practical.
The recent report by The Information brings some limelight about the not so successful voice shopping assistant by Amazon. According to the stats amazon has sold over 50 million units and only 2% of the people have used Echo to make a purchase or do shopping of any kind. The numbers contradict the purpose and upcoming trends envisioned by the creators of smart speakers. Though Alexa has been used to track information about orders placed by the users and to get information related to shopping. This clearly states how we are not fully prepared for the voice shopping. We are still habitual to looking and checking out the products before buying them. In the recent letter put out by the Jeff Bezos, the Ceo of Amazon declared how Alexa is amongst the best selling devices by Amazon in 2017 and Alexa has more than 30,000 skills, while developers are constantly working towards adding more skills. The smart services are invading countries like India and Japan successfully irrespective of the multiple languages just because of the intelligent language translation but the question still lingers. Will smart speakers ever be able to cross its primary threshold and step ahead to be the omnipresent shopping assistant, the tech giants are sculpting them to be?

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