The Vision of the Future: What Does It Hold for Us?

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Predicting the future is going to be pretty hard. It’s almost impractical to know what the technological marvels look forward to in the coming few years, let alone the upcoming decades. Fearlessly, we’ve tried to perceive some highly developed technologies that should be around by the year 2100.

Some of these technologies may already be available “out there,” but still we are reasonably confident in making these predictions. As deep-seated as some of these items appear to be, most—if not all—should be around for usage by the turn of the 22nd century. The rationale here has to do with an improvement that doesn’t come out on this list: Artificial super intelligence.

Once greater-than-human intelligence emerges in a machine, a progress that could happen as early as the 2050s, all the bets will be off in terms of what’s theoretically possible. Intelligent machines will swap places with humans as designers and engineers will begin to construct the technologies of our dreams. These may include some of the things that we haven’t even thought of.

Ever since our childhood, we have been promised flying cars, jet packs and teleporters for years to come. But none of them – as of yet – have actually made it to the high street. And people have been trying to forecast the future ever since Nostradamus was a child.

However, Exhibit brings to you a list of top 10 hi-tech innovations that will surely be super duper hits by the year 2030.


All the technologies that we have listed here for you have a great potential to reshape our entire civilization. We have a better clarity now as to how these marvels will work in tandem with one another. The confluent effects of technology are often hard to predict. For instance, the convergence of brain-linked VR, mind uploading, and AI could result in a hybrid computer-based culture consisting of real-world humans, emulated brains, and artificial intellects. Future geoengineering plans could incorporate weather control systems and also engineered nanoparticles.

The more forecasts we make about our upcoming technologies, the trickier it becomes to know what the future actually holds in store for us.

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