How to Use the Blood Donor feature on Facebook

Blood Donation
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Facebook has launched a new feature. This feature is used to connect to the blood donors, blood banks, and all those who are seeking them. The program was first perceived by Indian product developer Hema Budaraju. As per the Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, this program was a part of an internal hackathon.

“It can be hard to find a donor or donate to someone outside your network. So we worked with nonprofit organizations, blood banks, and donors to build a tool to make it easier to give blood. Donors can register on Facebook and get a notification if a person or an organization nearby needs blood, and people who need donations can be connected to potential donors,” Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a status update on Thursday, 28 September 2017, when he announced this new feature.

All the Indian Facebook users have already started enrolling to become blood donors by signing up on the popular online platform. In order to encourage the user participation, Facebook is prompting a message in every individual’s account. The users have the choice to keep this information private or to share it as the donor status on their respective timelines.

Facebook Blood Donor Feature: How it works?

First, Facebook will show the ‘Blood Donor’ notification on the News Feed. After you have seen it, you need to click on it. Then, you need to follow the steps mentioned here.

Next, you need to select your blood type. Then, you will have to take a small survey to answer. The question includes ‘Have you ever donated before.’ That is all; and if you want to let everyone know about it, you can share this status on your page as well.

Whenever any request is created, Facebook will simply notify the blood donors with the concerned blood type. If the donors wish to respond, they will instantly contact the requester through Messenger, WhatsApp, or a phone call.

Facebook will soon add a ‘Blood Donor’ registration link on all the profiles as well.

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