Uncharted 4

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A Thief’s End – A splendid finale

Price – Rs.3,999Platforms – PlayStation 4Publisher– Sony Interactive EntertainmentReviewed on – Naughty DogFirst ImpressionUncharted 4 is finally here. Nathan Drake is ready to take us on unparalleled adventures once again. Truth be told, very few games can match the high standards set by Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise.The previous games, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, its sequels Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception have been best sellers. The protagonist, Nathan Drake, is one of the most iconic characters in gaming. The series is so popular that a film adaptation based on the franchise is scheduled for a theatrical release, sometime next year.ReviewCl-Ix6LXIAAXzQaUncharted 4 is set three years after Uncharted 3. Nathan Drake has retired from his high-action life and settled with his sweetheart, Elena Fischer. Life is less adventurous, but good as a salvage diver. When all seems good, Nathan’s Brother Sam returns from the dead and brings trouble and chaos along. To get Sam out of trouble, Nathan has to find the lost treasure of Captain Henry Avery. And that leads to another bold adventure, something which lasts easily for 15 hours or more if you look for all collectibles. The quest to find the English pirate’s lost treasure takes you from Italy to Scotland, Panama to Madagascar. No matter where you go, Uncharted 4’s world is stunning and gorgeous. Add Naughty Dog’s brilliant storytelling and movie like cinematics to it, and we are left with one of the best PlayStation 4 games. From the fantastic opening scene, Uncharted 4 takes you from chapter to chapter, spinning a brilliant story in the process. As mentioned earlier, the cinematics are almost movie like and something that do not want to skip.While the story revolves around Nathan Drake and his sibling, the other characters complete the tale. Elena Fischer is beautiful and courageous which makes it difficult to not fall in love with the character. Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan is their partner in crime as the Drake brothers try to outwit Rafe Adler (a wealthy treasure hunter) and Nadine Ross (a mercenary who provides primary military services to anybody with deep pockets). The animations have never been this good, while the voice acting makes the characters lifelike. Every minute detail has been brilliantly showcased by the developers. From dirt stained clothes to blemishes on a face, everything is a marvel. The graphical brilliance does not end there. Most open environments in Uncharted 4 will level you open-mouthed. From gigantic open plains of Scotland to dilapidated lost cities and towers, Uncharted 4 is visually the best game on PlayStation 4. Like previous games in the series, Uncharted 4 has good soundtrack, which adds depth and realism to the story.The dialogues in the game are well scripted. While, there are some funny moments, most of them are lame. This time around, you have more control and you can choose your answer. However, the consequences to all answers are same. You can also engage in some conversations which enlighten you about certain historical facts. Uncharted 4’s gameplay is also an upgrade. As Nathan Drake, you can climb, scramble, slide and roll. Most of the movements are smooth, except a few times when moving left or right was frustrating. Marking enemies Metal Gear Solid V style is a new addition to the gameplay. You can also the environment to sneak up on your enemies. The grappling hook is your best tool, while exploring the open world in a jeep is also pleasing. From fist fights to shooting at enemies, Uncharted 4’s combat is easy to get accustomed to. The puzzles in the game are disappointing though. All of them can be solved quite easily.While, the game’s single player campaign deserves plenty of praise, the multiplayer is equally good. This mode has game types like Team Deathmatch, Domination and Capture the Flag. You can compete with each other in the first mode, while in the Capture the Flag mode you have to pick an idol instead of a flag.Each mode in multiplayer can earn you money, but you can also complete challenges to get relics.W6_8K8fhLrith the money you can improve your weapons and also get some useful things like Mysticals and sidekicks, all things definitely help in the battle. Finally, there is the option to buy Uncharted Pointswith real money, which can also be used for upgrades.VerdictUncharted 4: A Thief’s is the last game of the series and Naughty Dog could not have pulled off a better finish. Except a few hiccups, Uncharted 4 is perfect in every way. It narrates a very intriguing story with excellent mechanics and mesmerizing graphics, something which keeps you glued in front on your console for 15 hours. We were impatient to move on to the next chapter during our gameplay hours and many will feel the same way. If you own a PlayStation 4, go and buy this strongest ‘Game of the year’ contender. If you do not own one, Uncharted 4 is the reason you should buy it.

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