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Let me start off by asking you one question. Would you like to own a Maruti Suzuki or a Ferrari? No offence to all the Maruti Suzuki fans. If you chose a Ferrari then please read on ahead. Let’s assume you own a Ferrari now, but now comes the tough part. For its maintenance, if you treat it like a Maruti Suzuki you’ll obviously ruin the beautiful machine. It’s a no-brainer. Similarly, you can apply the same analogy to your own body in terms of fitness. The Ferrari has a smooth engine under the hood which is assisted by high-end technology to break lap records on the track. Likewise, you can use technology to help you with your fitness. I used only two apps since the past one month to keep my fitness in check. So far it has made me improve on a lot of things, and requires a lot of dedication. Wouldn’t you want to keep your Ferrari in a brand new condition? Why treat your own body any differently?

  • Calorie Counting App

I used the MyFitnessPal app to track down on the calories in each of my meals. It had all the macro and micronutrients information about the meal that I ate. My goal was to gain lean muscle by staying 200-300 calories above my daily maintenance calories which I did by tracking the number of calories in every meal that I ate. I am no fitness expert, the 200-300 calories surplus number was suggested by the app itself so that I could achieve my desired goal in a healthy way. You can use any app which has this feature and does the job for you. The idea is to keep a track on what you are putting inside your body and remind you whenever you’re not having your meals on time. Sometimes, I had a tough time figuring out the macros for a meal which was not available on their data and I don’t recommend you to use this to track your running or workout sessions.


  • Running App

Winters have begun and early morning runs between 05:00 hours to 07:00 hours is just bliss. The hard part is getting up but when you finish your morning run, you feel a natural high. I used a running app called Runkeeper to time my runs so that I could push myself every weekend to make it more challenging and fun. The app uses GPS to track your run, you can set audio stats to let you know your speed, your average speed, your distance covered. And when you are done with your run it gives you detailed statistics. The best part about this app is the audio trigger, I had set the app to inform me about my current speed, average speed, distance covered and along with that, it motivates me whenever I have completed a kilometre.

Overall, these two basic apps will encourage you to lead a healthy, balanced life provided you are ready to maintain it like a Ferrari. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you want to treat your body like a low maintenance Maruti Suzuki or a high maintenance Ferrari.



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