Twitter Prompts Its Users To Unfollow Accounts.

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Twitter, the microblogging platform is keen on rectifying its timeline for users. If you are amongst those who feel their timeline is exploding, then Twitter is going to be at your rescue now! This translates to the new feature which is suggesting users profiles they can unfollow.
Twitter is currently testing a new feature which is suggesting accounts that the users might want to unfollow. This feature is targeted at users who wish have a precise and relevant timeline, and according to the company, the only way to do so is to eliminate the accounts whom users are not actively engaging with. There was a mixed reaction by the users about the new feature.


The feature was introduced for a limited period, though there is no confirmation if the company will introduce an active and a full-fledged version of the feature. Talking about features, Twitter launched a new filtering tool for Direct Messages on its platform. This new feature will allow the users to filter the unwanted messages in their inbox. The messages will be segregated into two sections, Inbox and Requests. Messages from the people you follow will be included in the Inbox tab and the messages from users you do not follow will be included in the Request Tab. According to the company, the request tab will enable the users to easily separate the useful messages from the unwanted messages.

On 22nd August, the microblogging site announced via a post, that the social media platform will be segregating the messages for its users to differentiate between messages from the people they follow and the people they are don’t follow. As per the new feature, if you receive a DM from a non-follower, the message will be directly displayed under the request tab. While engaging in the conversation,you will be given an option to accept or delete the messages. If you accept the message, the chat will be directly moved to the Inbox tab and you will be allowed to engage with the non-follower.

Considering the recent features introduced by the platform, which included deleting almost over 1 million accounts and rolling out new features, the microblogging platform is keen on creating a safe and an efficient social media platform to its users.


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