Twitter Gets A New Sparkle Icon To Switch Timelines

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Finally, Twitter has introduced a new sparkle icon in its app to switch intelligently between two timelines–algorithmic and chronological. All Twitter users on iOS will be able to see the new sparkle emoji at the right-hand corner to check the most recent tweets. Earlier, one needed to go into “Settings” to switch timelines. In a  few weeks, the new feature will be rolled out for the web as well as Android users. The company has further plans to completely remove the “Settings “ option that got released only last September and allowed for users to opt out of the “Top tweets” posted.

Twitters default timeline referred to as “Home” will continue to be there and shall carry an orderly fashion of top tweets so posted. Thus, the new timeline feature is now even more personalized. As users tap their way to switch between each mode, Twitter shall pick on your preference. For instance, if a user turns to all latest tweets quite often, Twitter shall choose to keep the chronological view. However, for starters, Twitter might revert to an algorithmic view on a few occasions.



Further, the feature also comes with a shortcut for “View content preferences,” which further makes it easy to take a quick look across the safety features that include things like blocked accounts as well as muted words. It was in 2016 that Twitter had introduced “Top Tweets” as a feature to make people see the most engaged or recently posted tweets on their timeline. A Twitter spokesperson was found commenting on how people tend to find Twitter a useful and relevant tool of communication when they have the best tweets coming up at the very beginning. Although, the company agreed to the statement that people liked to see the most Recent Tweets instead of the Top Tweets.


Following the release of Twitter’s algorithmic feature, users showed disagreement with the idea of showing tweets of a person whom they don’t know or follow along with replies to the same.  It was in October this year that Twitter had begun testing the new sparkle icon which would offer easy sprint from one timeline to another. Keith Coleman, the lead for consumer product told the media that the test reports revealed how people who made use of the icon to switch between the timelines accounted for a more enjoyable experience with Twitter. They were also those individuals who have shown a high level of engagement as they participated more in conversations.

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