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Tushar Sighat, D-Link India Ltd.

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“ Opportunity is the mother of Success 


  Executive Director & CEO    |     Bachelor of Electronics – Electronics & Telecom

Tushar is the Executive Director and CEO of D-Link India – a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing corporation. Before being associated with D-Link, Tushar worked in a number of companies like Virtual Computers and Cyberoam with his first job stint being at Virtual Computers Pvt. Ltd. as a Sales Engineer. His vision for what might be the next big thing that would hit the world is very certain – the Internet of Things. However, his thoughts on his preferred avenue to start his startup is not so certain as he believes the startup scene in India is very dynamic with situations changing drastically and so are the opportunities in the innovation space. Reversing to the initial days, the first gadget he owned was a Pager. When not working, Tushar would be found indulging in sports & spending time with his family. Tushar is a reader with Build to Last – Jim Collins being one of the most inspirational books he has read.

Quote you live by: If one day the speed of my work kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”


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