Thrifty Flagships under 30 Grand

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Well, you are on a tight budget but wish to own a phone just like the Samsung S7 edge. Thankfully, Chinese brands have given us the freedom of buying a flagship at half the price with the same features. On a serious note, we are stuck as three smart phones are going to the rope, leaving us with a difficult decision to make. The best part is we had the privilege to test and review all of them coming to the conclusion to suggest which phone is worth every penny out of the blood sweat to earn it. Undoubtedly, OnePlus 3 looks strong on papers but XiaomiMi 5 and LeEco Max 2 aren’t going to just stand still and give up so easily without putting a fight. While buying a phone, the things we want or look at is great camera, design, software, display size, storage, resolution, audio, battery and gaming. Let the battle begin to see who holds the kingship at 30K.Flagships

Camera – Tie

Like we stated earlier it’s not about MP, it’s about the size of the pixels. Unfortunately, no one holds an upper hand in the optics department as all the three phones gives great shots in daylight with an option to shoot 4K videos, click images in HDR and different features to play with from different camera modes. It’s a tough call with OnePlus 3 and Mi 5 both featuring Sony IMX 298 sensor.

Design – Mi 5

The Mi 5 holds an upper hand when it comes to design but the OnePlus 3 goes head to head when we talk about detailed finishing. Bulky LeEco Max 2 isn’t that bad, but is comparatively way huger in size as compared to other two phones. Definitely, the curved sharp edges with a glass finishing sets it apart with the other two sticking to metal unibody design, maybe did the trick for Mi5 .

Software – OnePlus 3

When you have stock Android experience feeling with the Oxygen OS in the OnePlus 3, then you wouldn’t bother considering eUI of LeEco Max 2 and MIUI of Mi 5.

Display – Le Eco Max 2

Size boils down based on preferences from the smallest to the biggest and all of them vary from 5.15 to 5.5 to 5.7, but the edge lies in smaller screen in reference to the sizes giving sharpness but Le Max 2 shot a bullet out of nowhere and is the only phone featuring 2K display from the rest.

Hardware – OnePlus 3

Powered by the latest processor, SoC and graphic card it had a nail biting finish with OnePlus 3 and Le Max 2 bragged on a 6GB RAM double than what the Mi 5 has. However, OnePlus 3 was fast in terms of multi-tasking apps driven with the efficiency of quickly reactive fingerprint sensor.

Storage – Le Eco Max 2

What were the companies thinking while shooting 4K in their phones? 64GB doesn’t suffice and all 3 smartphones had their spoils with no expandable memory. LeEco Max 2 beat the other two by launching a storage variant of 128GB.

Audio – Le Eco Max 2

Now this is a tough one as all the three smartphones have crazy output levels but LeEco Max 2 sneaks one in the bag integrated with CDLA technology through USB Type C port acting as the earphone jack. One of the best and innovative ear plugs helps me choose Le Max 2 as the winner.

Battery – OnePlus 3

With all the 3 phones supporting fast charging and also giving enough juice easily lasting for an entire day, OnePlus 3 holds an advantage with Dash charging technology as it charges rapider that Quick Charge 3.0.The bottom line is you have 30k and you want a flagship then don’t over think and just buy the bloody OnePlus 3. Period!If you want something out of the box then buy the Le Max 2 for innovating CDLA USB Type C port ear phones.

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