The World Of Gaming’s Next Target : India

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The gaming industry of India appears to be at crossroads but on the right side. With global international internet companies such as Google, Microsoft and other coming together to build a society, the Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS) which aims to support and participate in the growth of India.

Rajan Navani, CEO and Vice-Chairman at JetSynthesys will be taking up the position of the first president of IDGS. He states, “The mission of IDGS is to work closely with the government towards enabling the growth of the digital gaming industry, collaborate with experts from academia and the industry to optimise the industry’s development capabilities”
The industry has a potential to create over 5 lakh jobs per year and that number can grow further with the use of gaming in different industries. This includes the addition of game development engineers, designers and artists would be required to support the growth in India. He further added, “The Indian Digital Gaming Society’s expectations from the government are focussed on three pillars: to represent the gaming industry’s perspective, its aspirations and concerns, to policymakers for the emergence of new technological opportunities in gaming application, to review the progress of development by way of sustained engagement with the government, innovators, manufacturers, and other stakeholders and to maximise potential by participating with national and State governments in policy formulations.”
According to the revenue report in 2017, the market was estimated at $338.4 million which is expected to grow threefold in four years. The major contributors to the task are the growing internet presence, constant local and digital development and the easy payment structures available.
The market is supposed to grow $1.1 billion in 2021, majorly because of the growing mobile consumption. Additionally, the increasing amount of smartphones available in the market and India is the second largest consumer of smartphones, the gaming industry to bound to attract investors across the globe as well as grow as a large scale.

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