The Swadeshi Disaster by Patanjali

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The entrepreneur cum Yogi Baba Ramdev had launched the Swadeshi messaging application called ‘Khimbo’ on 30th May. The messaging application by Patanjali was designed to compete with the highly acclaimed Whatsapp.
The spokesperson of Patanjali SK Tijarawala tweeted on Wednesday, “Now Bharat will speak. After launching sim cards, Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. Now WhatsApp will be given a competition. Our own #SwadeshiMessagingplatform. Download it directly from Google Play store.”

The description on Google Play Store read, “Kimbho empowers private group chat with free phone and video calling. It has dozens of amazing features to share text audio, photos, videos, stickers, quickies, location, GIF, Doodle and more.”
Named after the Sanskrit version of, ‘how are you? Whats up?’ the new application by Patanjali was the ridiculed for its logo which is the direct rip off of the WhatsApp logo and turned into a bigger clown show when an anonymous French researcher called Elliot Alderson, pointed out the precarious security concerns in the application. He claimed he could access the messages of all Kimbho app users, calling it a “security disaster.”

Immediately after the tweet went online, the word spread like a wildfire. The application was immediately taken down and it was claimed by the spokesperson that it was a ‘test run.’

Yes, they took down Khimbo App.

According to the information on the play store, the application has been downloaded by 5000 users.  The application is meant to support both private and group chats and features voice and video calling as well. The app can also be used to share photos, videos, music files, gifs, location, doodles and stickers, pretty much everything that is supported on WhatsApp.


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