The Matrix Boy – Who encoded Duology Apps identified as Mark Zuckerberg

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Do you remember the 4th February 2004 or does the movie The Social Network ring a bell? Although, it’s a long time ago but we still use that website, known as Facebook for multiple purposes. A day without it maybe unimaginable. During that phase, a lot of things did occur but the prime focus was on the developer of Facebook, our very own Mark Zuckerberg. I wonder how it didn’t shift and which planet were we revolving around? Maybe we were day dreaming or too busy in our daily lives. The question is how many developers did we skip? Did we actually miss or was it encrypted for fame? Truth cannot be hidden for long or kept backdoors, it finds its way anyhow. Ironically, it folded out now to us as we were in complete darkness. Who knows, how many Zuckerberg’s are around the world? We got our pickings and found one such Zuckerberg from The Matrix. Ha-ha!

The Mystery Man

It truly sounds abstract and you will bang your head or probably kill yourself as the next Mark is Neo from Matrix. The bad boy from Russia who only wears black makes us wonder, how did he make it to the real world, or he only existed in a fictitious domain? Where was this mystery man all this while or maybe he was rehearsing for Matrix? This isn’t false as we have ourselves to be blamed to be in the dark.Our very own Neo is none other than Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram. It comes to us as no surprise to why he is dubbed to be known as the Mark Zucker – berg of Russia.

What did he start and with whom?

Born and brought up in Russia, he did the exact same thing by starting VKontakte(VK), a Russian-language social network in 2006. Mind you, Facebook was in its initial days. Pavel knew how to code in school and after leaving the University in 2006, within no time launched the website with his close-knit older brother Nikolai. Ever since it was tossed up for Russians, it gained a humongous amount of popularity with over 350 million users.To write the code for VKontakte, the two took assistance fromDurov’s brother, Nikolai, a distinguished mathematician and programmer.The network quickly became popular as a way to share all types of media, particularly pirated films and music, thanks to Russia’s hazy copyright laws.

What is VK?

VKontakte(VK) is the largest online social networking service which no one is aware about, available in different languages especially popular amongst the Russians, which looks exactly like Facebook in most ways in terms of design, except for the fact that the logo is dark blue. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.The one thing that is very different about the website is the big focus is on audio files. The search box can be configured to search either names or audio files and you can upload your FLVs into the cloud there. According to Pavel, VK was a website built for complete freedom for the distribution of all information and media, making it undoubtedly the most visited website in Russia.

What happened to the website?

The founder denied a request from the security services to block political opposition groups from using his network to organize anti-government protests in Moscow. Not only did Durov refuse to comply with the government’s order to take down Navalny’s pages, our matrix man flaunted his defiance by tweeting an image of a dog wearing a blue hoodie wagging its tongue toward the camera. The Kremlin insisted him to shut down the pages of one activist in particular and in the end was forced to relinquish control to the wealthy Kremlin loyalists.

How did Telegram come into the picture?

Wittily knowing that VK would shut down due to censorship issues, Durov was already at work on his social media creation Telegram which is an en-crypted messaging app that allows users to connect in remote locations, coordinate groups and encode personal and business secrets. It also allows users to destroy messages. The application has over 100 million users and isn’t making any revenue.

Fun fact

Mark Zuckerberg and Pavel Durov both are born in 1984. While Mark developed Facebook and brought Whatsapp which has recently been encrypted, the Matrix guy developed a website VK and an app Telegram which was secured at the moment it was established.He should have own his identity rather being referred to Mark Zuckerberg of Russia. How about we call him the Pavel Durov of USA.

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