The earliest version of Android P is here!

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Android P, the new operating system developed by Google is here, but before installing it, mind you, it is just a developers version. Which means it is not a final version and the changes introduced might not be final and there might be a chance of extra features and changes that are yet to be introduced.

The official name of the new version is not yet released and for the time being it is only being called as Android P. For those looking forward to downloading it, will have to wait, as the next developer preview will be available sometime in May.

While going through the preview, one can definitely say that Google has taken a lot of thought into consideration in order to make the operating system more efficient and user-friendly(specifically one-handed use) while inculcating the new changes.Unfortunately, only the owners of Pixel Devices can lay their hands on the developer’s preview and no one else. The new features in Android P are

  • Settings menu: Google has decided to make things more colorful and appealing. When you open the settings menu, the icons are all visible in different colors. The layout has not changed but the greyscale icons of the Oreo are gone. They are now replaced by colorful circles.

  • Dock and the Google Search Bar: The Google search bar which is usually placed on the top is now shifted to the Dock along with all your favorite applications. This makes it easier to access and since the Mic is on the right, those using the phone single-handedly can easily use the feature. The dock is also given a cloudy background.

  • The volume slider is now on the right: The volume slider which was horizontal in the Oreo update, is now vertical and appears on the right-hand side. Though it might appear to be a bit confusing initially, it is very convenient to use, once you get the gist of it.

  • Clock: The clock has now been relocated to the left. Initially, the clock was visible in the right status bar. the notifications will appear on the left only, besides the clock. A single dot will be appearing to inform if there are any extra notification pending.

  • Notification panel: The notification panel has undergone some major changes. The edges are now clean cut and fills the screen. The icons are placed inside grey circles and the color changes once they are switched on.

  • New screenshot button: The new Android P update will also add the option of screenshot button. The new screenshot button appears with the power on/off pop up. When the screenshot button is tapped, it will capture the screen without the popup.

  • Messaging notifications: The new Android P update will also include a new feature where the photo of the person messaging you will appear beside the message. There is also a possibility of smart reply where quick replies are already placed below the messages and one can directly reply to the message without opening the application.

  • Notch support: The new update also provides the very trending notch, support. Most of the new upcoming phones have notches on top, and keeping that in mind Google has also provided a theme option in the setting where the user can add a notch in the screen and the theme and display of the phone is not interrupted.

These are some of the visual changes that will be included in the Android P update. There are also changes included in the maps, Wifi connectivity, password autofill,  and much more. Looking at these updates it is obvious that Google is going to revamp the Android IOS with the new Android P update.



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