The Creative T50 Wireless Speakers

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Stereo Sound With Oomph

First Impression :

Shiny black speakers with a yellow mesh around the driver, the Creative T50 speakers appear fairly large for desktop speakers. Sure, their 2.0 config system needs independent power, but they have wireless capabilities nonetheless – both bluetooth and NFC are on-board. Setting them up was real easy and I could see why they would appeal to a
lot of people who possibly can\’t afford monitoring speakers for themselves, or need a more neutral output. But, do these deliver, or fall flat while trying to?

Review :

Design & Build :

With a combined weight of nearly 3kgs and dimensions of 12.4 x 3.6 x 7.3 inches, these speakers need a bit of room to set-up. You\’d probably have to do that only once most likely, but once you do, it\’s as easy as either connecting the audio source via the AUX cable or use bluetooth or NFC capabilities. The chrome-finished knobs right below the drivers on the right unit look real nice and overall these are a smart-looking set of speakers.
All the wiring business is in the back, leaving the front looking clean and classy. Although the front of both speakers have a gloss finish, the sides are in matte, with the top of both speakers also housing a BasXPort cavity for those thumpy notes. Everything felt well put together, nicely thought out and no creaks or chinks came to the fore.

Sound Quality :

Right! This is the most important thing for a set of speakers. And while these didn\’t have a separate sub-woofer unit, they started out confidently playing back everything we threw at them with ease and precision. The sound was rich, a little to the warm side, but not overly so. The bass is pretty good for a 2.0 speaker system, proving that Creative knows what it\’s doing with that BasXPort – although the rumbling effect will not be as strong as some
others, it\’s still very effective. The highs and lows retain ample detail and mids are pleasing enough to
enjoy for extended periods of listening. All in all, they sounded excellent for the specs, and the wireless
capabilities worked just as advertised.

Verdict :
For the asking price, the T50\’s provide a rich, full sound that you\’d expect from really high-end speakers. Even though the volume does go pretty high, it\’s not ear-splitting, and the output is as true as you\’d like them. The soundstage is also pretty wide and you\’d expect all this from Creative. But the T50 not only deliver what you want, but also provide an excellent audio experience in a great design and superb value for money.


¢ 2.0 Speaker System configuration
¢ Bluetooth Version – Bluetooth 3.0
¢ Bluetooth Profile – A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth)
¢ Supported Codecs – aptX, SBC
¢ Weight – approx 3kgb for both satellite speakers.
¢ 1-year limited hardware warranty

Price 17,999/-

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