The all in one Squeezer Notebook – Dell XPS 13

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Price : ₹ 1,30,890/- Rating : 80/100 


Dell has always delivered to its consumers with appealing devices, which doesn’t only look heavy but is definitely sturdy, as well. The Dell XPS 13 is total a game changer as soon as it is unboxed. Not only does it compliment the line of ultrabooks, it is also, a perfect amalgamation of Fashion and Technology, embracing the love affair between the two. Dell’s refreshed XPS 13 is immaculately crafted, flushed with rareness of Gold with the smoothness of carbon fibre deck.


Under the hood, backed by Intel iCore i7 Processor, coupled with 8GB RAM and an SSD memory of 256 GB, performance was on par. While testing the ultrabook, games like Dota 2 worked really well, even when the FPS was shot up to 60. Moreover, multiple tabs with three windows open on the browser didn’t let the performance get affected even for a single second. Working in the night created no issues at all as the backlit option on the keyboard came to the rescue. Dell blessed the device with multiple ports with Thunderbolt 3.0 for fast transfer speeds and gladly, stuck to the traditional way of charging. Battery life was better than I expected, but not fantastic. The XPS 13 ran for 6 hours, 12 minutes in our streaming video battery test, which is acceptable. The audio quality was crisp and a pure satisfaction to an audiophile, like


The ultrabook hit the sweet spot with QHD+ Infinity Edge display, so watching videos, movies, playing games was an absolute delight. The QHD+ option also adds touchscreen functionality, which doesn’t cause any nuisance, but it does suck a lot of battery as expected. The touch screen is a sight to behold. The screen resolution provided wide viewing angles, great brightness and vivid colour range, something I didn’t witness in any of the ultrabooks. The 5.2 mm sleek borderless screen and the 13.3 inches could squeeze into an 11-inch laptop case, was truly unbelievable. Dell! How did you manage to pull this off and make the ultrabook squeeze in compactly anywhere?


This thin-and-light notebook offers very good performance, hybrid graphics and a luxurious design. Moreover, the chassis is beautiful with a sensitive keyboard and touchpad; which is smooth. A bright colourful display with Infinity Edge eliminating the bezel makes it flawless. All in all, it’s a squeezer, meeting your needs. Period! Make use of ₹ 1,30,890  in your bank by investing on the Dell XPS 13 and never on any given day, will it be a regretful choice as it is Weightless, Borderless and Limitless. Why so? Because the Dell XPS 13 has a great design, a fantastic keyboard, and no one else has come close to matching the striking no-bezel look.

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1 Comment

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