Salita Nanda

Salita Nanda launched her eponymous label in 2015 which is her ode to the modern women. Born and brought up in London but having shifted to India, the brand is a reflection of the designer’s diverse background. It draws subtly from her heritage and reinterprets this vibrant aesthetic in a modern, cosmopolitan way. The label is infused with a feminine, playful and effortless elegance. The design philosophy essentially illustrates experimentation and expression in the form of art. The garments are designed for a woman who confidently embraces vivid prints and colour palettes while also appreciating the value of artisanal craft, with each piece being a style statement in its own right. As part of TFT Season 3, Salita is all set to showcase her interpretation of the Tech and Fashion melange and blow away minds!

Email Id: [email protected]